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Preview of FileCloud’s Workflow Automation

We hope you’re having a great summer! The team is working on exciting new features for the upcoming release of FileCloud Version 21.2, including workflow automation.

Workflow automation streamlines processes like contract reviews, file requests, invoice approvals, and more. Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance by reducing error and making high-volume tasks easier to accomplish.

Some advantages of FileCloud’s workflow automation are:

Drag-and-Drop Capabilities
Our drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to build any business workflow.

No Coding Needed
Anyone can set up review processes, send automated messages, and more by creating workflows without coding.

Real-time Reports
A convenient dashboard shows every running workflow so that users can see work happen in real-time.

Complete Lifecycle Management

FileCloud provides a comprehensive solution for protection and control at every stage of the document lifecycle and empowers organizations to automate the creation, protection, delivery, and retention of files.

1. Creation
Our Smart Classification engine quickly and automatically sorts your content into logical categories. This helps you create custom search patterns and metadata sets for document classifications.

2. Retention
Data leak prevention allows administrators to control whether files or folders can be modified, downloaded or transferred based on factors such as user domains and file metadata. FileCloud’s smart data leak prevention prevents accidental loss of confidential data and can protect you from large compliance fines.

3. Delivery or Sharing
Digital rights management protects sensitive documents against theft, piracy, and leakage. This security travels with files wherever they go, protecting them with AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times. You can also instantly revoke any recipient’s access to data and protect your documents and files against unauthorized copying and distribution.

4. Archival or Deletion
FileCloud simplifies data governance by providing retention policy options that regulate file actions and retention periods, such as:

Legal Hold: freeze digital content to facilitate discovery and legal challenges.
Archival: automate storage and movement of documents.
Retention: retain files for a specific period of time prior to deletion or archival.
Trash Retention: limit access to file deletion by setting user privileges.

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Tip of the Month

If your FileCloud license includes DRM, any file of a type that is supported by DRM (jpg, jpeg, png, docx, pptx, and pdf) has the Export Secure Document option enabled. When you export a document securely, users must view it through the FileCloud Secure Viewer using an access key.

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