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Introducing Our New Digital Rights Management (DRM) Support In FileCloud 20.2

FileCloud DRM protects important, sensitive business documents against intellectual property theft, piracy and leakage. This security travels with your files wherever they go, protecting them with AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times. Read more about it below.

  • Safeguard Documents Against Leakage & Piracy
    FileCloud DRM stops unauthorized sharing, screenshots, copying and printing of your intellectual property.

  • Secure Document Sharing and Complete Control Over Data
    FileCloud DRM lets you securely export multiple documents in an encrypted document container (AES 256 encryption), and share it via FileCloud or third party emails. Recipients must enter an access key that FileCloud verifies before opening the container and making the documents available.

  • Secure Document Viewer and Screenshot Protection
    FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer protects confidential files from unsolicited viewing. Its restricted viewing mode allows users to see selected parts of a document; other sections are hidden. Further unrestricted sections are revealed as the user scrolls. In addition, a Screenshot Protection feature prevents recipients from taking screenshots of secure information.

  • Support for Multiple File Formats
    FileCloud’s DRM Container supports multiple file formats including Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), PDF, and image (jpeg, png) files. And you are no longer required to create a separate container for each file type — you can include multiple types of files in a single encrypted document container.

  • Restrict and Revoke Access to Your Files Anytime
    FileCloud DRM removes the risk of accidentally transmitting confidential files by helping you enforce policy controls even after distribution. You can revoke file access or change view options (screenshot protection, secure view and max account) anytime, from the FileCloud user portal.

    Schedule a demo on FileCloud DRM here:

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Tip of the Month

For large data transfers and folder tree restructuring, use FileCloud Sync instead of using the web user portal.

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FileCloud End User Training

Encourage your FileCloud end users to attend our free user training sessions to get maximum value from your FileCloud solution.

Here’s the recording of our FileCloud End User Onboarding webinar.

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Upcoming Webinars

Check out other available sessions on our website. We’ll send a recording to everyone who registers in case you’re unable to attend the live broadcast. We look forward to having you in one of our sessions soon!


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The AirSend Team has been working hard on some major improvements to the Android app. Android users can now enjoy call support, use of slash commands, the ability to mute and unmute Channels using the main dashboard, and GIF/image keyboard support. Click below to learn more.

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Fax: +1 (866) 824-9584


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