FileCloud Desktop

All-in-One Desktop Client for File Sync and Drive Access

Beta is Live!

A new desktop sync and drive experience for FileCloud users. All-in-one client for fast, efficient file synchronization and drive access for MacOS.
Windows support coming soon.

Available as Local Disk

Map FileCloud as a desktop drive for secure access without downloading files.

Full Functionality

Leverage full suite of file management features via Desktop client (read, write, save).

Local Access

Reduce latency and improve performance with local file access via real-time cloud sync.

File Locking

Automatically lock files when open and unlock after closing to reduce risk of file change conflicts.

Unlimited File Versioning

Revert files to previous versions as needed, with no limit on version history.

Real-time Collaboration

Support real-time file editing and collaboration with desktop editing and sync.


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