FileCloud & Google Docs Integration

Collaborate on Google docs, sheets, and slides directly from FileCloud with our convenient integration.

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Easy and Secure Access

Working remotely is easier than ever with FileCloud’s Google Apps Integration. Open, create, and edit documents and spreadsheets in Google Docs (on or off-premises) in your secure FileCloud account.

Easy Configuration

Admins complete a one-time configuration in Google Cloud to enable use of Google Apps within FileCloud and then within the web edit setting in the FileCloud Admin Portal.

Better Collaboration

With the Google Docs integration, FileCloud supports collaboration across multiple tools and platforms including Microsoft Office and OnlyOffice, making it easier than ever for teams and clients worldwide to work together seamlessly.

Full Integration for Streamlined Work

FileCloud’s Google Docs integration helps prevent costly context switching by removing the need to constantly shift between different tools and applications. Seamlessly open documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using Google Apps, all within FileCloud’s secure platform.

Google Docs Integration

Advanced Editing and Collaboration Features

FileCloud’s Web Edit feature opens Google Docs with a click of a button. Users can collaborate on Docs, Sheets, and Slides in real-time, all within FileCloud’s hyper-secure file sharing and storage platform. This secure collaboration helps put shareholders, board members, and compliance officers’ minds at ease.

Google Docs Integration

Enterprise-level Protection for Peace of Mind

FileCloud offers unlimited file versioning. You can open and revert to older document versions right from your browser so you don’t lose valuable work. Other helpful tools include smart data leak prevention, digital rights management, and automatic document life cycle management.

Google Sheets Integration

Hyper Secure

FileCloud’s hyper secure system means that you can work and share with confidence, knowing that your files and data remains secure.

File Versioning

Automatic file versioning means users can collaborate with confidence, knowing their files will always be up-to-date.

Other Integrations

FileCloud has integrations with many different tools in place, so that you don’t have to worry about costly and time consuming context switching.

Mobile Device Management

Admins have the ability to remote wipe and block devices from their FileCloud system. This helps in the case of lost or stolen devices.

Workflow Automation

FileCloud’s workflow automation allows users to create simple, no-code workflows that allow them to automate certain tedious but important tasks like document reviews, signatures, and more.

Compliance Center

FileCloud’s compliance center makes it easier to connect regulations within your system. FileCloud even has compliance tabs for ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR with best practices and already-created rules.


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