These helpful videos go over the specifics of being an administrator in FileCloud. You'll learn everything from using your dashboard and general settings to creating a compliant, secure system that your employees can easily use to store and share files.

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    Lesson 41 - Managing Network Share Smart Mount

    Admins can add a smart mount special network share folder (to simplify access to network shares) within their FileCloud system.

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    Lesson 42 - Managing User Shares

    Admins can manage user sharing within their admin portal. Share permissions can be changed, edited, and updated easily.

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    Lesson 43 - Folder Permissions

    Admins can manage folder permissions easily within FileCloud. View all special permissions and allow edits/changes.

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    Lesson 44 - Managing User Notifications

    Admins can manage user notifications easily within their FileCloud system. You can view/edit setting to keep your notifications up-to-date.

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