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The DRM protection that enterprises need to protect their secure and sensitive files

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Secure Document Viewer Highlights

Screenshot/Screenshare Protection

The Secure Document Viewer helps ensure that your protected information remains yours, with options to prevent screenshots and screensharing along with other options to prevent printing and limiting amount of times users are able to access.

Key-Protected Access

With this tool, whoever you’re sharing with will only able to access the files if they have a key sent by the FileCloud user. This helps ensure that only those who need the files will be able to access them.

Simple UX/UI

It’s easy for anyone to send a DRM-protected file, even the least technical end-user. Users simply click “Export Secure Doc,” then save the document container and send it on to their intended recipient.

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FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer

FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer, coupled with its robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the secure distribution and controlled access of sensitive files.

The Secure Document Viewer allows users to share sensitive files quickly and easily while also providing security and protection for those files. The sender has the flexibility to customize permissions for recipients, deciding whether to enable screenshot/screenshare capabilities, allowing printing and even restricting access based on count or time limits.

This is particularly valuable in environments where confidentiality and data integrity are paramount. These restrictions can also be changed even after sending which provides flexibility from start to finish.

Screenshot of FileCloud DRM Document Container

The process of securely downloading a document using the Secure Document Viewer involves exporting the file as a secure document with an access key and saving it to the sender’s computer. Recipients are then required to download FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer, ensuring an additional layer of protection.

Senders can also download and send multiple documents simultaneously, which streamlines workflows for efficiency. This feature allows users to review and modify permissions for all securely exported files conveniently. This centralized control ensures that administrators can adapt to evolving security needs, adding a layer of dynamism to document management.

FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer not only enhances security but also provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for accessing highly sensitive or confidential information.

In essence, FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer, integrated with DRM capabilities, safeguards enterprise data by enforcing access controls and preventing unauthorized dissemination, making it an invaluable asset for organizations prioritizing data protection and compliance.

Workflow Automation

Make work easier than ever by automatizing tedious but important tasks like document review and signoffs by creating no-code, drag-and-drop workflows that anyone, even the least technical end-user can create.

Intuitive Interface

FileCloud’s UX is intuitive and easy to understand with simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click options that mean all users will be able to start using in just a few minutes, removing the need to hours of training.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File Sharing operates under the least privilege principal where only those who need access to a file gain it. This feature is enabled easily by adding a password to a zip folder.

Data Governance

FileCloud provides robust data governance options, allowing organizations to define and enforce policies for data classification, retention, and disposal. With comprehensive control over user access, audit trails, and compliance reporting, FileCloud empowers businesses to adhere to industry regulations, enhance data security, and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly.

Compliance Center

The Compliance Center makes compliance easy by connecting complicated regulations with the security options and tools that FileCloud provides. Additionally, there are separate tabs for the most important regulations like ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Resumable Uploads

FileCloud’s Resumable Uploads feature ensures a seamless and efficient file uploading experience. With the ability to resume interrupted uploads, users can effortlessly transfer large files without worrying about network disruptions, enhancing productivity and ensuring a reliable file-sharing process.


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