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Benefits of FileCloud's Secure File-Sharing Platform Over MFTs

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Explore the Benefits of Enterprise File Sharing

Large File Transfer

MFT solutions are known for their file-transfer capabilities. However, with FileCloud’s Resumable Uploads feature, you can transfer massive files effectively without worrying about loss of connectivity. After an interruption, you can continue your upload from where it left off, minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing ROI. Unlike other solutions that require third-party plugins, the Resumable Uploads functionality is fully integrated into the FileCloud browser.

Post-File Transfer Security

Though MFTs can be useful for data transfer, enterprises must still protect valuable digital assets after transfer. FileCloud has comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) features designed for this purpose. Further features that protect files at rest include AES 256 encryption, 2FA, Data Leak Prevention (DLP) policies, granular access controls, and a heuristic scanning engine to detect ransomware. Additionally, FileCloud can be integrated with any antivirus software that supports ICAP.

Governance and Compliance

Unlike typical MFT solutions, FileCloud manages your data governance needs for the full life cycle. You can easily automate document retention and archiving, as well as generate file analytics and reports. Admins can retain full control over governance and maintain detailed audit trails for compliance. Powerful inbuilt features help streamline adherence to industry regulations. SAML integration allows FileCloud admins to maintain a thorough audit trail.

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FileCloud vs MFTs (MOVEit, GoAnywhere, etc.)

Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions are commonly used for transferring large volumes of files from one system to another. For example, Accellion Kiteworks, HelpSystems GoAnywhere, and Progress MOVEit are widely used by large enterprises worldwide.

While MFT has its place, it also has limitations, specifically in use cases requiring web-based transfer methods and a unified, end-to-end solution enabling post-transfer collaboration and management. As a full-featured Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution, FileCloud has multiple threat protection features, powerful antivirus support, flexible deployment options, and extensive collaboration and workflow automation capabilities. This allows enterprises not only to transfer large files quickly but also to collaborate on them securely — all in one platform.

Enterprise File Share & Sync Solutions Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solutions
Allows for transfer of large files. Allows for transfer of large files and data sets.
Comprehensive collaboration capabilities. Limited collaboration capabilities.
Enforces data at rest and data in transit encryption. Enforces data at rest and data in transit encryption.
Multiple options for controlling access to data after transfer. Strong access control, but limited options for post-transfer control.
Focused on web-based (HTTP) methods for transferring files. Emphasis on automated system-to-system transfers and processing; support for standard file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP, or FTPS.
Customizable synchronization of content to end user mobile and desktop devices along with file versioning and search. Focused on secure data transfer, rather than file sync and versioning.
Automated workflows involving users and administrator steps, such as approval and required actions during file and folder interactions. Focused more on advanced automated workflows for system-to-system data transfers.
End-to-end file audit, compliance, and governance across content lifecycle. End-to-end file audit, compliance, and governance across content lifecycle.
May be on premises in your own cloud or delivered as a cloud-based service. May be on premises in your own cloud or delivered as a cloud-based service.

Transfer Large Files Internally and Externally

FileCloud supports the seamless transfer of large files, which is ideal for those working with large file formats, such as video and CAD files. Streamlining workflows is simple with this inbuilt ability to efficiently share huge data files both internally and externally.

FileCloud optimizes bandwidth during large file transfers using capabilities such as data compression and dynamic throttling. This allows you to transfer huge files without worrying about interruptions or speed. Files are encrypted in transit and at rest, so your large files are protected both during and after transfer.

Secure VPN-less Access to Process Content

Secure, remote access to files without a traditional VPN facilitates smoother collaboration processes. With FileCloud, employees, clients, and partners can access and collaborate on content without the blockers often associated with VPN use.

VPNs can cause latency and delays, as well as limitations in the number of remote users supported at any given time. FileCloud lets enterprises scale quickly and securely by offering encrypted connections directly to the server, leading to more efficient teamwork and easier IT management.

Upgrade Your Security Posture with Zero Trust File SharingSM

FileCloud’s Zero Trust File Sharing feature lets users create a password-protected Zip file with 256-bit encryption. The password is not stored in FileCloud, so only those with the decryption key can access the Zip file. This means that even in the event of a system compromise, the contents of your Zero Trust file remain fully secured.

This pioneering feature is available only with FileCloud. It is not available in any MFT solution on the market. It reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge Data Governance functionalities, but also to the facilitating granular file protection for our customers in line with the Zero Trust framework.

Automate Content Workflow Processes

Automate common actions related to content collaboration with FileCloud’s Workflow Automation feature. Dispensing with some of the cumbersome manual aspects of file management can create cost savings and efficiencies. File approvals, notifications, and many other actions can easily be automated with FileCloud.

Building workflows is simple in FileCloud’s no-code, user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow builder, which includes conditional logic based on a variety of available attributes. Activities that can be automated include file approval processes, content routing, collaboration triggers, and archiving and retention. FileCloud also facilitates custom actions to enhance flexibility.

Easy File Access via Web Browser

FileCloud can be accessed through all standard web browsers from any device. It also offers a desktop app that enables users to sync files between their local computer and FileCloud account, ensuring the files they are collaborating on are always up to date. Additionally, FileCloud has mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to interact with files from smartphones and tablets using the same UI that’s available from their desktop.

It’s not only end users who are well served by FileCloud, however, but also administrators and other advanced users. FileCloud admins have granular control over enterprise data, with the ability to avail of FileCloud’s advanced security features. They can also opt to use the FileCloud APIs for configuration and customization purposes.

Secure Content Collaboration

Why not use the same secure solution for file transfer and collaboration? Most MFT solutions, such as such as Axway SecureTransport, Progress MOVEit, and HelpSystems GoAnywhere, put primary emphasis on file transfer. FileCloud, on the other hand, includes first-rate content collaboration capabilities that allow users to securely edit documents online with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.

Changes are automatically synced to the system, making for smooth version control and teamwork. A built-in Workflow Automation tool facilitates the creation of customized workflows that suit the needs of individual teams, with full, enterprise-wide visibility and accountability for tasks via an intuitive dashboard. Team Folders allow users to share and edit across multiple devices, providing security without compromising on flexibility and efficiency.

In addition, you can share extremely large files externally with clients, vendors, and other stakeholders, using secure links, password protection, expiration dates, and other built-in data governance features. In fact, FileCloud now even allows users to share files and folders via QR code for extra flexibility.

Personalization & Branding

FileCloud provides extensive options to customize the UI with your enterprise branding. This can greatly enhance user experience, creating familiarity, trust, and consistency. You can create a customized login page with your own logos and brand colors for both desktop and mobile apps.

Use your enterprise domain name for FileCloud access, ensuring that the URL is consistent with your brand. Notifications and alerts sent to users can easily be tailored with your logo and messaging, creating personalized content that users know comes from a trusted source.

You can also enhance team collaboration globally with localization options, such as translated user and admin portals and FileCloud’s Hijri Calendar. The default Terms of Service are customizable to reflect your enterprise standards and guidelines. RSS feeds can be displayed on the UI, providing users with relevant, up-to-date company news and announcements.

Smart DLP

Unlike many built-in data leak prevention features in MFT solutions, FileCloud’s Smart DLP operates closely adjacent to the files it is protecting, rather than on the network periphery. This reflects the fact that Zero Trust principles are intrinsic to FileCloud’s product and features, allowing enterprises to protect information assets at a highly granular level.

Rule-driven Smart DLP allows admins to control the possible actions available to users based on IP, user type, group, email domain, and other criteria. Attempted violations of DLP rules are preserved in logs for auditing. This helps to prevent accidental leaks of sensitive and business-critical data, saving enterprises from stringent financial penalties for breaches of privacy regulations (such as GDPR and HIPAA), as well as protecting their global reputation.

Flexible Deployment Options and Seamless Integration

FileCloud is suitable for deployment on almost any infrastructure. It can be deployed on premises as a private cloud, on public cloud, or hybrid cloud storage, allowing enterprises to adapt to changing business requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

FileCloud also integrates easily into most SaaS platforms, allowing you to reduce the risks associated with fragmented silos of data across numerous enterprise platforms. Its flexible APIs allow for easy integration, providing superior control over valuable data and preventing leaks.

Hosting your enterprise content collaboration functionality within your existing platform creates significant ROI through users’ ability to avoid switching platforms to perform everyday tasks. In addition, FileCloud’s multi-tenancy capabilities guarantee that enterprises have the capacity to meet demanding regulatory requirements related to data residency.


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