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Secure Government File Transfer

Disaster Recovery

FileCloud enables the replication of a site to another location using ServerLink. All changes are replicated seamlessly on the other site. The changes in the primary site are replicated in the secondary sites and vice versa. If a change happens in one secondary site and there are multiple secondary sites, that change is propagated to all secondary sites and the primary site. This feature provides complete data redundancy and disaster recovery.

Advanced Audit

FileCloud’s centralized administrator dashboard provides the capability of accessing audit reports. The administrators can understand the usage patterns and monitor user behavior. From the administrator dashboard, the system admin can view the list of shares and locked files created by the users. FileCloud lets you monitor all user logins and activities.

High Availability

Three-tier high availability architecture is supported with FileCloud. Tier 1 comprises load balancers and is the web tier. Tier 2 consists of stateless application servers for the FileCloud implementation. Tier 3 is the database layer. This architecture provides excellent flexibility in deploying the solution.

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How to overcome government sector secure file sharing and governance challenges with FileCloud?

Data Governance for Government Sector Companies

Data governance security and privacy for government agencies and public sector companies is the process of managing the integrity, security, availability, and usability of data. This process should be based on the company’s internal data standards and policies. The policies should define the ways of controlling data that is supported by FileCloud.

Effective data security governance ensures the trustworthy and consistent nature of data. Effective governance also ensures that the data does not get misused. Government data security Companies need to adhere to the industry’s data governance and compliance standards. FileCloud provides a complete Compliance Center with separate tabs for HIPAA, ITAR, and GDPR compliance. This helps ensure that compliance is met and maintained.

Challenges in Secure Data Sharing and Governance

Today, the government sector faces many challenges regarding data security and governance. Sharing and governing data securely should be the utmost goal of government and public sector companies that deal with sensitive data in many industries. The most concerning challenges today are lack of skills, lack of direction, too many areas to handle because of the growth, short-sighted strategy, and expensive security solutions. FileCloud solution provides answers to all these challenges.

It is highly beneficial to adopt a data security solution like FileCloud. The benefits include continuous monitoring, visibility of interactions, granular level file security and controls, policy-based data protection, event logs and audit logs, data encryption, and secure integration with external solutions.

Overcoming Security and Governance Challenges with FileCloud

Admin Controls – It is easy to manage FileCloud with the extensive admin controls provided. A customizable dashboard, detailed support documentation, and the customer support team will help you manage your FileCloud solution easily. The administrative portal manages users, accounts, remote devices, and storage. The centralized administrator dashboard helps advance audit controls.

Governance and Compliance – Data governance is provided by content life cycle management, a Smart Content Classification Engine, and real-time data leak prevention capabilities. FileCloud supports data governance and security regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA, ITAR, GDPR, CCPA, and others. You can automate content retention by creating policies for archival and disposition.

Encryption and Integration – Full encryption of files in transit and at rest is provided by FileCloud, with the options for FIPS 140-2 mode. Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and remote accessing Windows file servers are supported.

Data Loss Prevention – FileCloud provides data loss prevention in many ways. Remote Wipe lets you prevent unauthorized access to your data if connected devices are lost or stolen. With the “Recycle Bin” feature, you can recover files that were deleted accidentally. FileCloud also lets you keep unlimited file versioning with the rollback feature. You can share files in “View Only” mode, which will prevent downloading, printing and copying/pasting those files.

Sharing and Collaboration

You can share your files easily and securely, requiring only a login, link, or password to access them. Public file shares can be protected with a password.

User Experience

FileCloud UX provides the user with single-click quick actions. It also provides filters, keyboard shortcuts, and a built-in Markdown editor. All of these, put together help save a lot of time for the user.

Full-Text Search

FileCloud is a full-text search software. Users can search content inside the files and search documents for text. FileCloud supports many document types for content search, such as txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, and pptx.

Preview and Edit

You can preview and edit Microsoft documents directly in the browser with FileCloud. You can edit offline copies using Microsoft Office.


You can customize your FileCloud solution to match your branding. There are features like dark mode, custom themes, and color changes depending on your preferences.


You can apply any type of structured metadata to your content with FileCloud. Automatic metadata import is supported for MS Office and Adobe PDF. You can enforce different behaviors with metadata to help prevent data leaks and content governance.

Streamline Processes

You can streamline processes with workflow automation by FileCloud. Managers can create and share custom workflows. This will help high-volume tasks easier with a lot of reductions in errors.

Flexible Deployment

You can deploy FileCloud in the way that works best for you.. You can self-host FileCloud on your premises or any of your cloud solutions. You can also let FileCloud host your solution.

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Workflow Automation

FileCloud’s Workflow Automation feature helps users to increase efficiency and work smarter. You can automate tasks that are both simple and complex. FileCloud provides a convenient dashboard to track work. This dashboard helps users see work happens in real-time.

You can quickly build workflows using the drag-and-drop feature. Managers can create custom workflows and share them with their teams. FileCloud’s no-code design helps to create workflows, review processes, and send automated messages. Many departments in the company, like marketing, sales, administration, HR, legal, and finance, can benefit from workflow automation.

AWS GovCloud

FileCloud helps government agencies and public sector organizations to host secure file-sharing solutions in AWS GovCloud. Hosting on AWS GovCloud helps meet the strictest federal data security requirements. AWS GovCloud is an isolated AWS region.

Customers can move sensitive data into the cloud with AWS GovCloud and FileCloud . AWS file storage supports auto-scaling and elastic load balancing. AWS helps meet required compliance standards, better efficiency, scalability, powerful automation, and powerful administration capabilities.

Isolated & Air-Gapped Network Integration

FileCloud can be deployed within air-gapped networks to support ease-of-access requirements, while also maintaining hyper-security. Only users who are connected physically to this network can access the FileCloud server via HTTP/HTTPs protocols.

Installations and upgrades of the FileCloud solution are completed with the offline installer, ensuring the solution can be installed within an isolated network without internet access.

Read more about FileCloud’s functionality within isolated networks in our white paper, “Deploy FileCloud in an Air-Gapped Network.”


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