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Powerful Apps

FileCloud’s highly rated mobile apps provide powerful features inaddition to remote access and local offline download of files.

Remote Access

You can work anywhere with FileCloud. Simply download the app on your phone and you’ll be able to browse files and documents, download locally, edit, and upload.

Office 365

Integrate FileCloud with your Office 365 account. The mobile app seamlessly syncs documents edited on Office 365 to FileCloud. Files that can be edited include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What Makes FileCloud’s Apps Stand Out

FileCloud’s mobile apps stand out as a formidable solution for enterprises seeking seamless and secure file management on the go. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, these mobile applications empower users to access, share, and collaborate on files from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. One key strength lies in the app’s intuitive interface, which ensures a user-friendly experience while navigating through documents, presentations, or multimedia content. The mobile apps are designed to be platform-agnostic, catering to both iOS and Android users, ensuring widespread accessibility for a diverse user base within an enterprise.

Security is paramount in the corporate world, and FileCloud’s mobile apps are equipped with robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive data. Advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms provide a secure environment for file sharing and collaboration, mitigating potential risks associated with unauthorized access.

Moreover, administrators can enforce strict access controls, monitor user activities, and remotely wipe data in case of a lost device, further enhancing the overall security posture. The seamless integration with enterprise storage solutions ensures that users can seamlessly synchronize files across devices, promoting real-time collaboration and productivity.

In addition to security and accessibility, FileCloud’s mobile apps excel in fostering collaboration among team members. Features like real-time document editing, version control, and comment threads facilitate efficient communication and collaboration, even when team members are geographically dispersed. The mobile apps seamlessly integrate with other productivity tools commonly used in enterprises, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

With a focus on user empowerment, security, and collaboration, FileCloud’s mobile apps emerge as a comprehensive solution that aligns with the evolving needs of modern enterprises in an increasingly mobile-centric business landscape.

View Documents

Access and view all types of documents on FileCloud. The “Open With” feature enables users to open any documents on custom applications.

Automatic Photo & Video Backup

All photos & videos residing on your mobile device can be configured to automatically back up on FileCloud. You will never be limited by the space on your mobile device. As soon as you take a picture or video, the files get automatically synced back to FileCloud with zero manual intervention.

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Screenshot of FileCloud Mobile App Screenshot of FileCloud Mobile App

BYOD Support

With an influx of mobile devices in virtually every aspect of our private lives, organizations are embracing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). When sensitive business data gets in wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to your business reputation and key operations. FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your mobile devices.

Screenshot of FileCloud Mobile App

Mobile Device

Admins can also remotely wipe or block mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to FileCloud if a device is lost or stolen.

Encryption In-Transit and
At Rest

Industry standard AES-256 SSL is used for all network communications. Encryption of files at rest means that all files are encrypted in storage.

Total Security

For added security, users can enable two factor authentication (2FA) and single-sign-on (or SSO).

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