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Powerful Apps

Our highly rated mobile apps provide powerful features in addition to remote access such as local offline download of files, sharing, document preview and more. FileCloud and Tonido mobile apps are rated 4+ stars by our users
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Remote Access

Browse files and documents, download them locally, edit and upload them

File Management

Create new folders, delete files and folders, and explore your remote files and folders

Offline Access

Download files directly to your phones and tablets and access them offline

Edit Office Documents

With FileCloud Mobile Apps, users can not only access all of the FileCloud files from anywhere but also edit, save back them into FileCloud from anywhere. In addition, users can create a new file, send it back to FileCloud and use it for collaboration among team members.

Office 365

Integrate FileCloud’s Android & iOS mobiles with your Office 365 accounts. The mobile apps seamlessly syncs documents edited on Office 365 to FileCloud. The documents that can be edited includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point etc.

View Documents

Access and view all types of documents on FileCloud. The Open With feature enables users to open any documents on custom applications.

Automatic Photo & Video Backup

All photos & videos residing on your mobile decide can be configured to automatically backed up on FileCloud. You will never be limited by the space on your mobile device. As soon as you take a picture or video, the files get automatically synced back to FileCloud with zero manual intervention.

BYOD Support

With an influx of mobile devices in virtually every aspect of our private lives, organizations are embracing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). When sensitive business data gets in wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to your business reputation and key operations. FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management

Admins can also remotely wipe or block mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to FileCloud if a device is lost or stolen.

Total Security

For added security, users can enable two factor authentication (2FA) using a Pass code in addition to the password.

Encryption In-Transit and At Rest

Industry standard AES-256 SSL is used for all network communications. Encryption of files at rest will allow all your files to be encrypted in your storage as well


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