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Paving the Way for Enhanced Data Security and Seamless Data Access With an On Premise Server

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FileCloud Brings Remote Access and Sync to Your Local File Servers

On-Premises Cloud File Server

Access file server from any device from anywhere. Use your local file server as private cloud storage. FileCloud Integrates with existing identity systems (AD) and other SSO apps. FileCloud maintains existing access controls.

Replace VPN

FileCloud offers secure remote access to a local file server without a VPN. Easy to access and share files securely from any mobile devices without any VPN. FileCloud integrates with existing identity and permissions.

Hybrid Cloud File Server

FileCloud offers a simpler way to migrate existing file shares and permissions to the cloud. In addition to better performance and lower latency, hybrid cloud file server offer other benefits such as redundancy and disaster recovery.

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Experience Greater Control over Data Security

Self Host Enterprise Files on Your Own IT Infrastructure Across any Object Based Storage

With an on-premises server, data security is entirely in your control. As a licensee, you get complete control over software implementation. As you employ your own hardware and IT resources, you can exercise greater control over data. You can authorize data access for greater security and utilize your internal IT resources for improved efficiency.

Companies (also referred to as licensees) employing on-premises servers rely on their own data centers for data storage and access. Data access by third parties is prevented, which heightens data security.

With FileCloud, you can store data in the infrastructure of your choice across On-premises, Public (IaaS e.g AWS, Azure) or Hybrid Cloud or FileCloud servers. Many countries require you to store data within their geographic region. You can use your own servers or pick Azure /AWS in the region to run FileCloud. FileCloud also supports hybrid cloud where you can combine local servers along with servers in the cloud.

  • Integration with existing file servers: Active directory integration to sync user accounts and groups and allow remote access to existing windows file servers preserving user NTFS permissions. File can be accessed easily and faster through network.
  • Share and Sync: Share files easily with remote access of data which can be easily accessed through internet connected devices including mobile phones.
  • Security: Antivirus scanning and ransomware protection for the data while uploading it to the cloud. FileCloud’s encryption technology includes end to end encryption, AES 256 bit encryption technology and two factor authentication.
  • Data loss prevention: FileCloud offers remote wipe facility to prevent unauthorized access. End point backup to securely back up data files and easy restore across all platforms.

Ensure Strict Data Protection Compliance with Ease

In cloud-based hosting, especially those that are located in other countries, companies face the challenge of strict data protection compliance. Countries where such cloud hosting is located may have different data protection regulations. This situation poses serious regulatory challenges for businesses. With an on-premises server model, it becomes easier for companies to adhere to domestic data protection laws as the entire infrastructure resides on site.

Enjoy Complete Data Access

With an on-premises server model, companies or licensees need not rely on third-party service providers or licensors for data access, maintenance or other IT support. They have 100% access to their data, anytime and anywhere, even without internet access. This is in contrast with cloud solutions, which need an internet connection for data access.

Cost Benefits in the Long Run

When you choose an on-premises model, you will be paying an upfront fee instead of monthly payments as with cloud-based services. The upfront payment is usually high as it includes hardware purchase expenses, software license fees, and labor costs.

There will be annual maintenance costs, too, as you would be maintaining IT resources on your own. But these expenses, though recurring, are lower than that of cloud service costs.

High Customization Ability

One of the best benefits of the on-premises server model is its ability to adapt to the need at hand. For example, if your business operations involve applications that are not cloud-compatible, then you can trust the on-premises system to run such applications. If your business demands simultaneous execution of multiple operating systems from one server, then this need too, can be efficiently addressed. With an on-premises model, you experience the efficiency and reliability of being able to scale your IT systems to meet unexpected, complex and changing needs.

Facilitates Rapid Backup, Issue Resolution and Maintenance

Given that the company owns the entire technology, including the essential hardware and software, the on-premises model guarantees high data security. As data control is completely in the hands of the business, data protection too becomes its responsibility.

Businesses can mitigate the risks of data security with regular backup. As the entire IT infrastructure is located on site, it becomes easier for businesses to implement well-timed preventive measures. Modernize IT infrastructure with FileCloud can further enhance efficiency and scalability. Trained staff can be arranged immediately for backup, maintenance, and even to address emergency situations such as an electrical accident or fire.

Complete Control

FileCloud lets you leverage your existing files servers integrates easily with your identity systems, and security infrastructure, giving you complete control of your data. You don’t need to create new document flows, business workflows, security policies or governance processes – they simply function within your established framework.

Regulatory Compliance

With FileCloud, your IT knows exactly where the data is and who has access to it at any given point in time. With GDPR and other emerging regulations, you have to be aware of how your company handles personal data. In many countries, you are required to store the data on servers located in the country’s geographical region. Self-hosting gives you the complete control of where you store your data. FileCloud’s governance features could reduce significant compliance risks.

Unify File Servers

You can bring all your file server data into one namespace that can be securely accessed from anywhere. FileCloud helps you collaborate seamlessly across branch offices – FileCloud removes latency by serving files from a local server and keeping files synchronized across many branch office servers.


File sync and share solution will become the core of your business, providing a simple way to access, sync and share information across employees. FileCloud integrates with existing tools and systems. You can easily extend FileCloud through 100s of APIs.

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Why FileCloud?

  • Simple to deploy
  • Data ownership – you own your data
  • No vendor lock-in (FileCloud offers simple 1 click export)
  • Supports GDPR
  • Known for our fanatic customer support
  • 5x better value than the competition

More details on secure on-premises file sharing

FileCloud Offers Ironclad Security

  • Encryption at Rest and In Transit
  • 2FA – Two-factor authentication
  • Customer-owned encryption keys
  • Data residency
  • Anti-Virus scanning
  • Ransomware detection
  • Data loss prevention features – remote wipe, block


What is an on-premises server?

On-premises server installs the file sharing solution across company’s own infrastructure integrated with existing IT infrastructure and providing complete control over data.

Who Should Consider an On-Premises Server Model?

On-premises is best for complete control over data security and access. If uninterrupted data access is crucial for your business and require controlled data access within organization’s premises or controlled remote access, then on premise is an ideal choice. Businesses that demand extreme data control and security, such as governmental agencies, financial institutions and healthcare facilities, can benefit from the on-premises model.


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