These webinars recorded by our stellar sales team will teach you how to easily use FileCloud's hyper-secure system. They'll always be here for your review, and will be updated regularly with new content and exciting updates.

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    FileCloud End User Onboarding

    Watch this webinar to learn how FileCloud end users can access their files in FileCloud and begin sharing. This webinar will go over many great features and benefits including the web portal, FileCloud sync/drive, desktop edit, and more!

    User 58min 00 11/18/2021
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    Integrating FileCloud with Anti Virus Apps as an Added Security in Uploading Files

    A quick webinar to learn how to integrate FileCloud with Anti-Virus applications. You'll learn more about integrations available, how to enable anti-virus software, and more.

    User 10min 24 10/27/2021
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    How to Consolidate your Data into Team Folders and Collaborate Effectively

    This webinar will teach you how to consolidate your FileCloud data in team folders for better collaboration!

    User 14min 27 10/14/2021
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    What's New with FileCloud 21.2

    This webinar is an overview of FileCloud 21.2 including: workflow automation, an ITAR compliance center, MS Teams Integration, a desktop edit client, and much more!

    User 41min 21 10/06/2021
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    How to Use FileCloud Audit Logs for System Monitoring

    Watch this webinar to learn how to use FileCloud audit logs for system monitoring. You'll learn about managing and generating reports from audit logs, and more.

    User 20min 27 09/29/2021
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    Understanding the Admin Portal Dashboard to Efficiently Manage FileCloud

    The admin portal is one of the most vital pieces of your FileCloud system. Watch this webinar to learn more about it, its functionalities, the Rich Dashboard, and getting reports.

    Users 26min 39 09/15/2021
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    How to Share Files and Folders Securely with FileCloud

    Learn how to easily and securely share files and folders with FileCloud!

    User 8min 27 08/23/2021
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    Whats New with FileCloud Drive's User Interface?

    A quick webinar that goes over some updates to FileCloud Drive including enhancements, bug fixes, an interface.

    User 15min 25 07/28/2021