These webinars recorded by our stellar sales team will teach you how to easily use FileCloud's hyper-secure system. They'll always be here for your review, and will be updated regularly with new content and exciting updates.

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    How to Use FileCloud's Enterprise Features to Securely Manage your Content

    FileCloud Enterprise is a superior tool that can be used to secure and manage your content with options like Content Search, Metadata, Smart Classification, Smart DLP, Retention Policies, DRM, and more.

    User 35min 02 06/30/2021
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    What's New with FileCloud 21.1?

    FileCloud 21.1 has a lot of cool new features including: a server performance enhancement, keyboard accessibility, role-based admin users, and much more!

    User 19min 41 06/17/2021
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    Recommended FileCloud Security Best Practices

    An important webinar about security including encryption in Transit and At-rest, MFA, DLP and CCE, Antivirus integrations, and more!

    User 25min 30 05/26/2021
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    Configuring FileCloud's Recycling Bin for Managed Storage and Network Shares

    Watch this quick webinar to learn about enabling/disabling FileCloud's recycle bin on network shares/managed storage, configuring files and folders, and more.

    User 10min 04 05/19/2021
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    How to Maximize the Use of FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive App

    FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive are two powerful features within FileCloud. This webinar goes over the major differences and also teaches you which one to use when.

    User 13min 23 03/24/2021
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    Integrating Network Shares with NTFS Permissions in FileCloud

    Learn about integrating Network Shares with NTFS Permissions in FIleCloud, including enabling/disabling remote file detection, understanding Smart Mount, and Configuring Apache Service.

    User 27min 28 03/10/2021
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    What are the Different User Account Types with FileCloud?

    Learn about different user account types within FileCloud and which ones work for you and your employees.

    User 18min 52 03/03/2021