Resumable Large File Uploads

Save time and bandwidth when uploading large files, with Resumable Uploads from FileCloud. With this robust feature, you no longer need to worry about losing data when experiencing connectivity losses. FileCloud saves the progress already made on your upload, allowing it to resume from where it left off once connectivity is restored.

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Unique to FileCloud

Among file-sharing platforms on the market, a fully integrated Resumable Uploads capability is currently available only with FileCloud.

Files Uploaded in Chunks

Files are uploaded incrementally in chunks of 20MB, so only 20MB of data can be lost in the event of a disruption in connectivity.

Unlimited File Sizes

You can upload files containing many terabytes of data without worrying about interruptions. With sufficient server storage, resumable uploads can be used with massive files.

How do Resumable Uploads Work?

Losing your connection while uploading a large, business-critical file, or set of files, can be extremely frustrating. FileCloud has now integrated into its browser a fail-safe way to save progress on your upload in the event of connectivity interruptions or power outages.

Whether you’re working with large CAD files in a remote location, or analyzing complex seismic data, FileCloud is here to help. You simply refresh your FileCloud browser after the interruption and drop your files into the browser again to the same location. Your upload will simply resume from where it left off!

Flexible Creative Collaboration

The addition of the Resumable Uploads capability to FileCloud release 22.1 makes FileCloud the ideal solution for those in creative industries, where large graphics, videos, and CAD files are often key elements of the creative process. Collaboration can have its challenges when large volumes of these assets need to be shared. With FileCloud, you can now rest assured that brief connectivity interruptions will not result in failed uploads that create workflow bottlenecks.

Fully Integrated

The Resumable Uploads feature is fully integrated into the FileCloud browser. There is no need to install FileCloud Drive or Sync. While other file-sharing platforms require you to install a third-party plug-in to avail of resumable uploads, uniquely to the market, FileCloud provides it as a built-in feature.

“Transferring of large files is made easy, without me having to engage my hosting’s storage or the limits set by my e-mail servers and messenger services. A true tool for data-driven times.” Sales Manager

Download Resumable Uploads One Pager

Puts an end to failed uploads, with progress retained during outages.

Uploads files in increments of 20MB.

Functionality contained fully within the FileCloud browser.

Retained progress is visible within the UI.

Tested successfully on massive files.

Ideal for large volumes of graphics, CAD, or video files.

Great for creative teams, spread throughout the globe.

Perfect for inhospitable locations with unreliable connectivity, such as oil rigs.


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