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FileCloud File Server

Local/ Cloud File Server

Get access to Windows file server as well as a cloud file server. FileCloud offers you the best of both worlds. FileCloud’s secure file server improves productivity with modern features and maintains ease of use with a simple UI.

Security and Mobility

Business users access files on the go from multiple devices for better collaboration. External threats can exploit such cases. FileCloud helps you neutralize such threats using military grade security.

Better Collaboration!

FileCloud offers a hybrid approach for low latency and file redundancy. Enjoy file folder access on Windows, Mac or Linux, network folder offline access, document quick edit, selective sync, MS Office/ Outlook integration and much more.

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Traditional file servers provide fast local access to data, but are difficult to access outside company’s premises. This is a challenge when globally distributed enterprises want fast, low latency access of traditional file servers along with data redundancy. FileCloud secure file server offers same flexibility, security and features of a traditional file server with capabilities of a cloud based server to store, share, and backup files from anywhere.

Features of FileCloud’s File-Sharing Server


secure enterprise file sharing

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Get end-point backup, automatic backup using sync and cloud enable your file servers using FileCloud.

secure enterprise file sharing

Easily Access Files Anytime, Anywhere

Access files from the cloud, without compromising on the security, productivity and compliance from any web browser or mobile device.

secure enterprise file sharing

Integration With Active Directory

FileCloud File server gives the ability to be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to sync user accounts and groups.

secure enterprise file sharing

Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention using logical pre defined rules can save enterprises from unauthorized access as well as from huge compliance fines.

secure enterprise file sharing

Storage Agnostic

Setup an EFSS solution across any scale-out NAS or an object based storage system (EMC/ ECS, Netapp Filer, Amazon S3).

secure enterprise file sharing

Remote File Access

FileCloud allows access to files stored in the file server or on cloud from anywhere using web, mobile and desktop apps. NO VPN, FTP required.

More Features Within FileCloud

  • Selective sync, backup and file sharing across any device
  • Unlimited client/ partner accounts
  • Central administration for user permissions and complete visibility & control
  • Powerful audit reports for monitoring file usage
  • Advanced security with AES 256-bit encryption, SSL/TLS secure tunnel for files transmission
  • Site specific, customer managed encryption keys in a multi-tenant setup
  • Enhanced productivity through MS Office, Outlook and more integrations
  • Custom branding capabilities – Custom logo, login screen, colors and own domain
  • Unlimited file versioning and recycle bin for accidentally deleted files

Look at the list of all FileCloud features for more details.

Control File Access

Stay in the know whenever your files are accessed or downloaded. In addition, be in complete control of what and whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Preview Files Without Downloading

FileCloud seamlessly integrates with Office Online and Outlook. Easily preview, edit and store Microsoft Office files to maximize your team’s productivity and collaboration.

Manage Users

Manage team folders with different user rights, track changes in files, and restore old versions as needed.

Work via FileCloud Drive

With FileCloud, you can access and share millions of files using a network drive from your local computer.

No Data Loss

FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage ensures that all of your sensitive data is protected across all of your personal devices. In case of a breach, admins can remotely block or wipe FileCloud data from any synced device.

Real Savings

FileCloud server (Self-Host/ On-Premise) starts at $4.20/ user/ month and FileCloud Online (hosted by us) starts at $10/ user/ month. That’s almost $200,000 in savings compared to competitors like Dropbox.

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Powerful Administrative Tools

FileCloud secure file-sharing server access can be easily managed and controlled by administrator(s). FileCloud admin has complete authority to manage users and files on the file server, including share access, passwords and file restrictions.

For instance, the administrator can remove access rights, move files and restrict access for an employee who leaves the company, delete a mobile device no longer in use and check audit logs for any unauthorized activity.

Access to files are based on permissions defined by the administrator, ensuring only authorized access for employees, partners and clients for sensitive files. FileCloud also offers a wide range of reports to manage and monitor the data usage. Easily check storage utilization, audit reports, and file sharing history on the server (uploads, downloads, deleted files and folders).

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”


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