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Transfer Large Files Securely

Share Business Files Securely

FileCloud is a secure platform to send large files privately and securely. Share professional sensitive documents without fear of data loss.

Share Using Any Device Anytime

A single solution that works on all your devices. FileCloud allows you to share using web interface, a network drive or mobile apps.

Share Large Files Without Limits

Need to share a large document, report or any sensitive document with clients or colleagues? Simply use FileCloud for secure transfer.

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Put shadow IT behind you by using FileCloud to transfer large files securely from any where

Data is at the heart of any enterprise; securely transferring data within and outside your organization’s firewall is critical to your success. There are limited options for transferring large enterprise files, even Gmail only allows file attachments of up to 25MB. FileCloud not only accelerates sharing large files across devices but it can also remove limits on email attachment sizes.

With FileCloud, you can share or send large documents to anyone from Windows, Linux or Mac, from your Android mobile, iPad and iPhone. You ca create a share link for one document or a folder and share over chat, email or SMS. However, this is not the only way to transfer files with FileCloud. If you prefer, you can even share documents or folders directly from FileCloud. You can set appropriate view, download permissions or share with specific people only. Securely transfer large files hassle free.

FTP is Archaic

While FTP is still used to transfer files over the Internet, most organizations are in search of a more modern alternative. Originally, security was the main concern surrounding FTP. However, with time, FTP’s significant performance limitations also became evident. FileCloud offers a powerful solution that guarantees efficacy when transferring large files. Its built with secure design principles and includes the implementation of several layers of protection. All presented via simple web interfaces.

Easy File Sharing

The key to an efficient collaborative environment lies in the continuous flow of data. FileCloud lets you instantly create shared folders for two-way collaboration. Administrators have full control and visibility over who can access, edit and update files, thus significantly reducing security vulnerabilities.

Eliminate Email Attachments

Email was not built to handle the transfer of large files. Large messages tend to cause delays and system hangs. Say goodbye to large email attachments and liberate servers with FileCloud. The Gmail or Outlook add-on enables you to directly share and email remote files and folders that have been stored in FileCloud.

Administrator Controls

FileCloud provides administrators with custom policies, work-flows and settings to implement and manage user accounts. Admins can manage user and group content, control privileges, adjust folder permissions, revoke access to content and limit storage allocations in a central console. They can also place limits on file upload and download sizes.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems and Processes

Integrated file sharing speeds up business productivity and communications. Whether its contracts that need to be signed or the latest sales presentation that has to be edited and shared; FileCloud easily integrates with your existing systems and work-flow to help your organization and its partners or clients collaborate and complete projects efficiently and quickly.

Quick Access to Remote Files with Virtual Drive

Most users haven’t yet fully worked the cloud into the way they go about their daily business. The ability to access cloud storage as a local drive seamlessly integrates the cloud into your daily work-flow. FileCloud’s virtual drive makes the access and large files a breeze, without consuming any of your local drive space.

No File Size Limits

As the enterprise continues to undergo its digital transformation, the need to transfer large file fast becomes apparent. Since FileCloud does not foist limits on the size of files, users are free to share large files and folders (in GB).

Easy Way to Transfer Files

Today’s end-users need a simple to use solution. FileCloud’s UX makes file transfers as simple as a few clicks. The custom branding can be make the user experience familiar for users.

Drag and Drop Uploads

When handling large files, you want the processes to be as seamless as possible. FileCloud allows users to easily drag and drop files between their local storage and cloud storage. Once the files have been uploaded, they will appear in the folder you dropped them in. Tracking your upload progress is just as easy and concise.

Mobile Access

Today’s workplace is not restricted to an office desk. FileCloud has been designed for smart-phones and tablets. Ensuring users can view and share files from a wide array of mobile devices.


Not only is enterprise data sensitive in nature, but it is also an organizations major asset. FileCloud safeguards the integrity of your files both at rest and during transfer. Password protecting files, setting link expiration dates, blocking user/device access or remotely wiping compromised devices are some of the ways FileCloud helps you share confidential information.


With no file size restrictions for uploads and downloads and at a rate of $4 per user. FileCloud gives you a bang for the buck by allowing you to transfer large files without fretting about the cost implications of every GB you transfer.

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