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Send Large Files With Ease

Share Business Files Securely

FileCloud is a secure platform to send and share your enterprise content. You can send files internally to your organization, or share with external customers, vendors, and partners. Additionally, you can secure your sensitive business content with granular file permissions, encryption at rest and in transit, endpoint device management, and more.

Share Large Files Without Limit

Need to share an expansive media document, CAD file, or large graphic designs and reports with colleagues? Use FileCloud for any business file transfer. Our powerful Resumable Uploads feature lets you send massive files without worrying about loss of connectivity. You can simply resume the file transfer from where it stopped.

Share from Any Device, Anytime

With FileCloud, you can sync your files and collaborate from all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This provides the flexibility to work securely from any location at any time. Security features such as file encryption, granular permissions, and remote wipe provide you with the means to protect your data from unauthorized access.

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Harness FileCloud's Advantages: Secure, Streamlined, and Centralized File Management

Securely Share Files with Clients and Teams

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With FileCloud, you can send large files online to anyone from Windows or Mac, or from your Android or Apple device. Simply open the document or folder you want to share and click Share to create a link. You then copy the link and share it to your email or chat. Alternatively, in the Share link dialog box, you can click the Download QR Code button to create a .png file that can be copied into your message, allowing the recipient to scan the code to open the file.

The receiver will be able to see and download the files, regardless of whether they have a FileCloud account. Admins can configure share settings to create unlimited external recipient accounts for clients, vendors, contractors, and others. These external accounts do not count toward your FileCloud license limit.

With FileCloud, you are empowered to retain control of your files and folders. When you share a link or QR code to a document, collaborators can view, add comments, and download the document, according to the permissions you set. However, they cannot edit your original file unless you adjust the permissions to allow edit access.

If you prefer, you can password-protect your documents to provide additional security. For files containing sensitive information, you can use FileCloud’s unique Zero Trust File Sharing®. You can also set an expiry date for a share. For files that require greater collaboration, you can invite users with external accounts to a common shared folder that holds the individual files. As an external account user, they can then edit and manage those files.

Upload Large Files with Resumable Uploads

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When transferring large files to FileCloud, there is no need for concern about data loss when experiencing connectivity problems. Once your connection is restored, you can resume the upload from where it left off. FileCloud is the only file-sharing platform to offer an inbuilt Resumable Uploads feature with unlimited file sizes. Whether you’re working in a creative field with large media files or in unfavourable conditions where power outages are common, this feature helps to maximize your productivity.

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Share Sensitive Files Securely

FileCloud’s granular file permissions enable you to determine which users can access, alter, and edit files. With FileCloud’s industry-first Zero Trust File Sharing® you can create a Zip container for one or more files. This container can be accessed only by those trusted with the decryption key, allowing you to share sensitive information externally with only trusted parties. Since the decryption key is not stored within FileCloud, even administrators internal to your organization will be unable to access the contents of the Zero Trust Zip file.

Flexible Deployment Options

FileCloud supports private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, and is a cost-effective means of securing and storing files. The hybrid cloud solution is an efficient option for enterprises seeking to store high-touch data in the cloud, where it can be easily accessed by remote workers and geographically dispersed teams. Low-touch, archival, or highly sensitive and confidential data can be stored on-premises in the private cloud, which provides greater control and security, as well as enabling compliance with privacy regulations.

Easy File Collaboration Without a VPN

VPNs can be challenging for teams to use, with increased latency due to encryption and routing, decreases in network performance, and increased complexity due to compatibility issues. With FileCloud, you can collaborate securely from any device, at any time, without using a VPN. Features such as file encryption in transit and at rest, granular permissions, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and Data Leak Prevention (DLP), antivirus scanning, and more, make it feasible to collaborate smoothly without the awkwardness of VPN usage.

Transfer Files Securely

FileCloud supports the seamless, secure transfer of a wide variety of file formats, including large file formats, such as video and CAD. You can transfer large files efficiently without a VPN. Files are encrypted in transit and at rest, so your files are protected both during and after transfer.

Preview Files Without Downloading

When you send large files using FileCloud, they can be previewed on any device for maximum flexibility without any download requirement. You can also select a file as the default preview when sharing a folder publicly. Recipients are shown the relevant file by default when viewing the share.

Save Everything Centrally

Organize your files from a centralized repository, eliminating the need to have files scattered across different silos. With FileCloud, you can use data encryption, access controls, and user authentication to ensure your files are accessed only by authorized users.

Encrypt Your Team Folders

FileCloud’s Team Folders enable collaboration and streamline productivity. Files stored in these folders are protected with data encryption at rest and in transit, granular access controls, enforced user authentication, and detailed audit trails.

Control Your File Sharing

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password-protection, download limits, and granular file permissions. For an added layer of security, encrypt your files using Zero Trust File Sharing®.

Adhere to File-Sharing Regulations

With FileCloud, you can share files while also complying with regulations around data security, privacy, and governance. FileCloud has multiple features to help with regulatory demands, including detailed audit trails, data retention and archiving, and e-discovery and legal holds.

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Share Large Media Files Securely

You can easily manage large sets of files from any device with FileCloud. FileCloud offers on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid enterprise file share and sync (EFSS) capabilities that enable you to share and sync very large files with no size limit across multiple devices. With FileCloud, you can simplify team collaboration and improve productivity, while availing of a range of enterprise-grade security features.

One of the great advantages of using the cloud is elasticity in space or scalability. You can grow storage quickly according to your storage needs. The other advantage is that it is a service on demand, meaning you only pay for the storage you use at any given time. Additionally, when an organization makes the decision to upload data to the cloud, this can become an opportunity to access new and efficient technologies that are not available with traditional storage methods.

Password-Protected Links

With FileCloud, you can secure share links with the password-protection feature. You can also set an expiry date for a share. If you want to allow recipients to edit the shared files, simply invite them to the shared folder containing the files.

FileCloud offers the possibility of sharing images, videos, text files, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations that you can create and modify collaboratively. You can even preview AutoCAD files in the FileCloud environment by setting up an integration between FileCloud and Autodesk Viewer. This flexibility optimizes collaboration times and facilitates the construction of ideas and documents among teams.

Regardless of whether files are shared through FileCloud or as a link via email, chat or SMS, you can securely share with anyone, setting permissions to define collaboration levels.

Drag and Drop Uploads

When handling large files, you want the processes to be as seamless as possible. FileCloud allows users to easily drag and drop files between their local storage and cloud storage. Once the files have been uploaded, they will appear in the folder in which you dropped them. Your upload progress is shown in the FileCloud browser.

FileCloud offers many advantages, especially in the field of collaborative and remote work. Hence, if you are wondering how to send big files from remote places, FileCloud is very helpful enabling you to access files securely from the street, the Uber, the classroom, or any other place where you cannot have your desktop computer at hand.

FileCloud’s flexible hosting service means users can store and synchronize files between computers and mobile devices, as well as easily share files with other users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I send large files via Gmail?

FileCloud for Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you easily share files directly from your Gmail as a FileCloud share. You can also save attachments you have received via Gmail to your FileCloud storage.

How can I send very large files?

FileCloud offers file sharing with no limits on file size and a large variety of accepted file types, including text and media files. FileCloud also includes a suite of robust security and enterprise workflow features, including real-time collaboration, flexible sharing options, automated workflows, smart classification, custom metadata, and data encryption.

How can I send files larger than 25 MB?

Enterprise file sharing and sync (EFSS) applications such as are useful tools to support large file sharing. These apps create a storage portal for data, which can then be shared via email or directly with other users. FileCloud offers fast, secure file sharing, with no upload or download limit for files, and no user storage quota limit.

How can I send a large video file without losing quality?

FileCloud makes it easy to share long videos without losing quality thanks to its built-in media player. Additional features include drag-and-drop uploads, password-protected links, and granular folder permissions. Additionally, there are no limits on file sizes. Recipients don’t need a FileCloud account to open shared links, which makes FileCloud truly versatile.

What is the most secure file-sharing site?

There are many available applications that offer file sharing, but security features vary between services and tiers of support. FileCloud prioritizes security and privacy. Protection measures include encryption, antivirus integration, and malware and ransomware detection. FileCloud also enables password-protection and user restrictions, granular permissions, and expiry dates on shares.


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