How to Send Large Files to China

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Sharing Files to China can be Slow, Unreliable and Difficult
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Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China, enforced by the Chinese government to regulate and control internet usage and file sharing, makes it extremely difficult for companies to collaborate with partners and stakeholders within China.

File Sharing Restrictions

Sending large files to China can be problematic due to slow data rates and broken connectivity. Many file-sharing solutions like Dropbox or Box simply do not work in China, leaving enterprises looking for reliable alternatives.

Sending Large Files to China

FileCloud is an on-premise enterprise file share and sync solution used by many enterprises in China. With FileCloud, files and libraries sync easily and amazingly fast in any country, including China, letting you send large files to China without a VPN.

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Why use FileCloud?
Why use FileCloud?

China’s “Golden Shield Project”, popularly known as the Great Firewall of China, censors and bans digital content — and therefore can often be a barrier against sharing files to and from China. Filecloud’s cloud services can help you and your company legally share the documents and files through secure servers, so you’ll never have to worry about restrictions and data loss.

FileCloud offers complete data security and helps in the easy sharing of data across different teams for collaboration. Seamlessly share links, store and share files on the cloud and send large files via email to China without any hassle.

As China emerges as a manufacturing hub for the global market and growing business houses, the need for data sharing in a secure environment is more indispensable now than ever. Use FileCloud to legally and easily bypass these hurdles restricting you and your business’ to send big files to China and receive files from China.

Secure File Transfer

Create secure links to expedite the process of sending files or folders to any user. Edit files or upload new versions without having to change your original link.

Control File Access

Stay in the know whenever your files are accessed or downloaded. In addition, be in complete control of what and whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Preview Files Without Downloading

Large files sent via our secure share network, can immediately be previewed on any device, requiring neither registration nor downloading of additional software.

Save Everything Centrally

Set up folders quickly and share them easily. Admins can control each user’s accessibility with seven different permissions, such as “View” or “Upload Only”.

Work in Encrypted Team Folders

FileCloud secure network allows for the sharing of business files and folders with your team. Choose who can check, add, alter, or see your data and information.

Securely Share With Clients & Partners

Use simple download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection and download limits.

Manage User Rights & Changes

With our intricate panel, Admins can manage team folders with different user permissions, track changes in files, and restore old backups of files as needed.

Work via FileCloud Drive

With FileCloud, you can access and share billions of files – easily and directly on your network drive. Working this way lets you save up immensely on hard disk space.

Easily Share Workspaces With Ease

Simply right-click a folder to share it directly or open it with FileCloud. Invite your team to view, edit, upload and share business files, and turn files and folders into shared workstations.

Eliminate Data Loss

No longer does a stolen laptop or a hard disk crash mean the loss of devastatingly important files. Store all your working documents and projects securely in FileCloud Cloud storage.

More Than Email Attachments

Effortlessly share your stored files with anyone you want, whether in or out of your company, with simple links or email. Allow notifications for whenever someone accesses or edits your files.

Secure Sensitive Business Files

Share business files and confidential documents with password-protected links, set views, downloads, edit permissions, and expiry dates on shared links or delete them anytime so that files are shared with who you want, when you want.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I share a file to China?
The Great Firewall regulates internet usage and file sharing in China. Many file-sharing solutions are blocked or painstakingly slow. As a result, only a few file-sharing solutions function without relying on a VPN. FileCloud is one such solution that provides secure, fast file sharing to and from contacts in China.

How can I send 100gb files for free?
There are limited options to send large files to China for free. NiHao Cloud has a free user option, but files are limited to 10gb with no public shares. The messenger platform WeChat is free, but sharing is limited to 100mb and there are no security options like end-to-end encryption.

How can I send files over 200mb?
FileCloud is an on-premises file sharing solution used by many enterprises in China. Files and libraries sync easily and amazingly fast in any country, including China, letting you send large files without a VPN. There is no upload or download limit for files, and no user storage quota limit.

What is the best app to send large files?
The FileCloud mobile app offers file sharing with no limits on file size. Files can be text documents or media. FileCloud is available for iOS or Android and carries over the same robust advanced security settings as the desktop application, so you can enjoy peace of mind and flexible collaboration.

What app can I use to send large videos?
FileCloud sync and mobile apps make sharing and syncing videos easy. Users can also take advantage of the media player within FileCloud to organize songs and videos. FileCloud Drive and Sync are additional desktop apps that support fast sharing and sync, even while offline.

How can I send long videos?
FileCloud makes it easy to share long videos, with features like FileCloud’s built-in media player, drag-and-drop uploads, password protected links, granular folder permissions, and no limits on file size. Recipients don’t need a FileCloud account to open shared links either, which makes FileCloud a truly versatile option.

“FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.”

Large File Sharing Support

In most business process applications, especially while working with manufacturers in China, file-transfers and -sharing may involve some very large files. As such, in addition to security, the restrictions on file size via email and other common solutions can be a big issue.

Most large enterprise file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte enforce limits on large files being shared. FileCloud, on the other hand, allows unlimited size large-file sharing to bring our users hassle-free file transfers.

Start your trial today and start using FileCloud China for file sharing.

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”

Security Features

For external file transfers to China or any other country over public networks, insecure exposure of data transfer is always a risk. FileCloud enables our users to share files to China without having to worry for a second about security and data loss.

FileCloud security:

  • 256-bit AES SSL encryption at Rest
  • Active Directory integration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSO (single sign-on)
  • Granular user and file sharing permissions
  • Client application security policies
  • Automatic anti-virus scanning of files
  • Unlimited file versioning
  • File locking
  • Endpoint device protection
  • Comprehensive HIPAA compliant audit trail
  • GDPR compliance

“We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the end, FileCloud won that battle clearly.”

Best Way to Send Large Files to China

Best Way to Send Large Files to China
Best Way to Send Large Files to China


FileCloud is the best option for large file sharing like sending video to China with complete privacy and security. FileCloud offers many advanced file sharing features, difficult to find in other file sharing solutions. FileCloud also helps sending large files to china in compliance with the government regulations across different regions across the world.

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