State Government Entity Achieves Effortless Collaboration with FileCloud, Hosted on AWS Infrastructure


The Problem

Our client is a state government regulatory entity based in the United States. It has a broad range of responsibilities related to safeguarding health and safety, including licensing, certification, and inspection. It also conducts case hearings and inquiries.

For these purposes, the entity needed a secure, low-maintenance, high-availability file hosting platform that enabled secure, remote collaboration. Robust security was also a major priority to protect sensitive information. Firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption protocols were required. At the same time, the client wished to eliminate the need to handle cumbersome hardware infrastructure problems that caused bottlenecks in the daily work of entity staff.

Why FileCloud

The state government entity decided it needed a hosting platform powered by standardized infrastructure templates to allow seamless updating and scaling and reduce time spent dealing with problems. It also preferred ready-made disaster recovery and backup systems. In addition, the ability to seamlessly administer increases in network traffic was a vital requirement.

Due diligence showed that FileCloud on AWS infrastructure fulfilled these criteria. Implementing this solution would enable staff to collaborate seamlessly from any location without the inconveniences that often accompany VPN usage. This was because FileCloud could protect data at rest and in transit and deliver robust data governance features.

The Outcome

The government entity deployed FileCloud on AWS and found that staff adoption was seamless due to FileCloud's intuitive UI. Customization capabilities have allowed the entity to use its own brand, maintaining the trust of the citizens it serves. With FileCloud on AWS, file storage requirements scaled quickly to accommodate traffic. All aspects of infrastructure operation, including deployments, became easier to manage.

Now the entity uses FileCloud to share and receive files daily without any concerns about working on outdated file versions when off site. FileCloud syncs across devices and locations, empowering remote collaboration. Staff no longer need to use state government resources and time for network infrastructure maintenance.

State Government Entity Achieves Effortless Collaboration with FileCloud, Hosted on AWS Infrastructure


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