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Why is Unlimited File Versioning Important?

Improved Collaboration

Unlimited file versioning improves team collaboration. By preserving data while multiple people work on the same file, your team can maximize workflow efficiency. Having all of your older file versions available at your fingertips can help your team roll back to the required version in seconds, rather than spending hours and even days to retrieve lost, corrupted, or compromised data.

Unlimited File Versions

Teams can spend a lot of time and money trying to categorize effective and ineffective edits in sensitive files. Without unlimited data versioning, problematic edits make it difficult for the company to keep track of team activity. Unlimited file host guarantees that the chronology of edits is maintained, as necessary.

No Data Loss

Unlimited file versioning helps small business teams roll back to any version, well, an unlimited amount of times! Every file, its edits, and its history can be found through versioning even when multiple users are working on the same file. Combined with file locking, granular permissions and other collaboration features, nothing is ever lost.

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What is Unlimited File Versioning

File versioning lets a system retain several versions of the same file simultaneously. Every edit is saved in the system for future review. This can be done manually, or with the help of integrated software programs. File versioning can help keep track of the changes being made to a company’s data files.

Some services offer unlimited file host versioning, meaning that unlimited versions of files can be stored. The process is generally automatic and saves time, effort, and resources of the company in the long run. Others offer a limited retrieval option, which involves a specific window of time, such as 15 – 30 day, during which files are stored.

Businesses prefer unlimited file versioning over limited file versioning because it ensures that no data is lost – unlike in say, 50-versions-only plans. Every version of the data, every edit ever made to the data, and the advantages and disadvantages of each edit are just a few clicks away for any administrator to review in the time of need. This is essential for a business to smoothly function.

Comparing File Versioning Options – Dropbox vs. FileCloud

Dropbox is a common file-versioning service provider for businesses. The user has the option to choose a ‘Basic’, ‘Plus’, ‘Professional’ or ‘Business’ account. The “Basic” and “Plus” accounts offer the retainment of 30 days of edits, while the “Professional” and “Business” accounts offer a bigger window of 180 days. In ‘Business’ accounts with extended version history, any deleted or changed file can be retrieved for up to 10 years. The prices for Dropbox, when billed yearly, range from $9.99/month to $20/month; while the option of unlimited file versioning remains nonexistent.

FileCloud, a leading file sharing, sync, and remote access solution provider within the EFSS market, on the other hand, offers automated, unlimited file versioning to its users through both its ‘Standard’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans. Prices range from $4.20/month to $15/month, depending on the requirements of the user. Unlimited file versioning, however, is a common offering between all plans.

Lack of physical control in the cloud brings a whole horde of security concerns – data co-mingling, privileged user abuse, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, geographic regulatory requirements, cloud super-admins, to name a few. FileCloud offers you all the features and flexibility of the cloud, all while your data is truly self-hosted on your servers.

Sync, Share and Backup

In addition to file sync and sharing, FileCloud Online offers endpoint backup for PCs, Mac, file servers, smartphones and tablets.

Control Your Data

Protect, control and monitor all data and communication taking place within your company. File and access data never leaves the country, guaranteeing compliance with business and legal security requirements.

Advanced Security

FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage ensures that all of your sensitive data is protected across all of your personal devices. In case of a breach, admins can remotely block or wipe FileCloud data from any synced device.

Ransomware Protection

Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES SSL encryption at rest and in transit, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin and endpoint device protection.

Free, Unlimited Client Accounts

FileCloud offers free, unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients, vendors and the like. You’ll only ever pay for your employee accounts!

Real Savings

Get more for less. For every 1,000 users, Dropbox would cost you $240,000/year whereas FileCloud would only cost you only $50,000/year; that’s almost $200,000 in savings!

Mount Cloud Space As Local Disk

FileCloud helps you mount remote files as local files. Files are downloaded only when they are accessed and edited, so users can access all of their remote files without using much local memory.

Mobile Access

Access FileCloud through your Android or iOS devices. Work on the go and from the comfort of your home while our desktop client keeps all your local folders synchronized between devices.

Team Productivity

Keep data available to your teams on any platform, at any time. Let them share, collaborate and communicate within and across organizational boundaries.

Unparalleled Branding Options

Enjoy the unparalleled branding and customization options that your business deserves. Run your portal with your brand logo, login screen, emails, assets, and even your custom domain!

Choice of Infrastructure

Host your data in secure, world-class data centers. Data storage is available in the region of your choice: U.S., E.U., Canada, Australia, APAC and SEAsia to meet data residency requirements.

Microsoft Office Online Integration

If you have an Office 365 subscription or you are part of Microsoft’s volume licensing, you can easily integrate FileCloud with your Office Online server. With Office Online integration, you can open, edit and save any Office files stored in FileCloud right from your browser.

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