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Host Your Own File Server with Cloud Storage

Easy to Build

The process of building your own cloud-agnostic, enterprise-grade file server is easy and convenient with FileCloud. Host your own file server, connected to cloud storage, in just five minutes, while maintaining data privacy and control.

Unlimited Storage

Store and manage enterprise files and client accounts with FileCloud’s scalable infrastructure. Unlimited storage allows employees to upload, store, and collaborate on files with greater efficiency. Only pay for organization accounts; external users are free!

High ROI, Low TCO

Self-hosted cloud file servers reduce TCO (total cost of operations) while providing cutting-edge security, governance, and remote access tools. Choose the FileCloud solution that works for you with our competitive pricing tiers.

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Why Choose FileCloud?

FileCloud Server is a self-hosted cloud storage solution that can be managed behind your corporation’s firewall or on AWS, Windows, or Linux servers. Users can easily store, sync, and manage files anywhere in the world, across devices and operating systems.

The easy-to-use interface ensures enterprises maintain control over their data, balancing security and data sovereignty with access and collaboration tools. Take control of your data and build your own cloud storage solution to launch your file server and keep files safe, secure, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Self-hosted Cloud Storage Features Available with FileCloud

FileCloud’s self-hosted, cloud-based file server solution offers powerful tools for enterprises and businesses. Setting up the file server and connecting with cloud storage is quick, and the centralized admin dashboard makes managing file storage a breeze. Admins can scale storage as needed by connecting with preferred providers like Amazon (S3) and Microsoft (Azure).

FileCloud On-premises illustration

Unparalleled Data Security

We provide multiple layers of security for the best cloud storage file server:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • SSL/TLS tunnel for data in-transit
  • Endpoint backup
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Zero Trust File SharingSM

Easy Accessibility

FileCloud provides secure, fast, and reliable access to organization data via the web, desktop, and mobile. Self-hosted cloud storage with FileCloud dramatically improves access speed to data and reduces latency, irrespective of physical geography.

Screenshot of FileCloud Sharing Options

File Sharing and Collaboration

Files can be securely shared with users and user groups in the FileCloud ecosystem, as well as with external recipients, such as vendors and clients.

  • Public (share links or QR codes) and private sharing
  • Expiration dates
  • Granular permissions (limit options for read, write, download, and share)
  • Real-time editing
  • Unlimited file versioning
  • File lock management

Screenshot of FileCloud Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Brand consistency is an important element in building consumer trust and recognition. With FileCloud, an enterprise can create a file server under a unique domain. The login portal can be custom branded with a business logo and graphics. Furthermore, localization options can be leveraged to update language and calendar settings.


Admins can support content governance and visibility with built-in, default, and custom metadata. Automated content classification, data leak prevention, and retention policies support businesses and enterprises with PII/PHI/PCI discovery. FileCloud’s resource library and Compliance Center helps enterprises meet requirements for regulations like HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR, FINRA, CMMC, and others.

Want to discover how FileCloud stands out from other cloud file server solutions? Check out our Competitor Matrix!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I build my own cloud server?

Yes! Building your own storage server provides greater storage capacity at a lower price point and a personalized plan. Moreover, a personal cloud storage file server supports a greater level of data control and privacy compared to public cloud storage options.

How do I set up a cloud file server?

Setting up a cloud storage file server involves creating a cloud storage account, purchasing storage, and connecting with a file server solution and desktop client (such as FileCloud). FileCloud offers step-by-step instructions and an easy installation process.

How to host your own cloud storage?

In FileCloud, even a beginner can host their own cloud storage. Simply visit to schedule a demo or set up a free trial. You can create a server using your e-mail. Next, run the web installer, which will start the process of launching your private cloud file server.

How to make your own cloud storage server?

Replace public cloud servers with a private file server, using just a computer and an external drive or a cloud storage account. NetworkChuck walks new IT professionals and enthusiasts through the process in his video, “Build Your Own Cloud.”

How much does it cost to build cloud storage?

It’s relatively inexpensive to build your own cloud storage, particularly for home labs that only need a small amount of cloud storage. For enterprises, cloud storage may be more costly due to the capacity and user licensing requirements, but this investment often yields significant ROI in the long-term.


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