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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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  • All features enabled
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
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  • Full support during trial
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Best Cloud Storage for Business

Fully Optimize The Flexibility of Cloud Storage!

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FileCloud's Cloud Storage for Business Features

Advanced File Sharing

Modern secure cloud storage services shouldn’t just be an online disk space. It’s a mature suite of several business benefits, involving workflow automation, regulation compliance, security, and seamless sharing and collaboration. FileCloud’s cloud storage provides all such benefits and more.

Remote/ Mobile Access

FileCloud provides secure access to your files remotely, supporting a vast variety of devices — including PC, Macs, and mobile devices. This allows for easy collaboration between your internal and external teams. FileCloud also supports large file sharing without limits.


Virtual Disk/ On-demand Sync

FileCloud enables you to mount remote files as local disk. Files can be downloaded when they are accessed and edited, sending out notifications to you and your admins. Access all of your remote files without using up any local storage. Learn more about FileCloud’s virtual drive for cloud storage.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Cloud Storage for Small Business

Cloud-based file sharing for businesses is a becoming a rapidly popularizing method of file-storage and sharing. FileCloud not only offers businesses all the features you could ever need, extensive controls and flexibiity, but also an extremely affordable price.

Here’s what we think the best cloud storage solution for businesses should look like:

  • Affordable storage and sharing
  • Security
  • Remote access from various devices
  • 3rd Party services integration / API’s
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Team collaboration features – team folders, ability to send messages, notifications
  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful administration tools
  • Advance search features
  • Content analytics
  • Identity management – Integration with Active Directory, single sign on
  • Unlimited Client accounts

Cloud storage for small business should look for nothing less than all these powerful features in order to grow, flourish and increase ROI. FileCloud offers all these features at a lower price than all of our competitors lifetime subscriptions, such as Dropbox, Box and Egnyte, providing your business with everything it could need, as well as significant savings and maximum ROI.

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On-premise Storage

Leverage your existing on-premise IT infrastructures by running your own on-premise file sharing and sync solution, allowing you to host your data on your own servers or network drives and giving you complete ownership and control over your data and storage.

Powerful Analytics

FileCloud provides you with an extensive built-in monitoring system that produces powerful reports right in your dashboard. Keep a careful eye on your usage trends, geo data, peak usage and many more analytical indicators.

Powerful Administration

Utilize FileCloud’s robust administration utilities for your business’ cloud storage. Easily manage your storage system consisting of millions of files & apply global policies, custom workflows.

Custom Branded Solution

Make an impact on your team and clients by custom-branding your FileCloud document portal with your firm’s logo, login page image, fonts, color palette and email templates; you can even run the client portal under your own business domain!

Secure Cloud Storage

Share files with your team and partners with public, private and password-protected links. Secure your data with granular sub-folder level permissions, and view documents safely with our built-in preview system

Embedded File Upload Form

Embedded file upload form lets you embed a small FileCloud interface onto any website, blog, social networking site or public URL. This expedites the process of uploading a file to a specific folder within your account.

Data Governance and Compliance

Granular file controls, user policy management, centralized device dashboard and data residency. Our security measures are fully complient with even the strictest regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA etc.

Security and Data Protection

Keep your files safe with remote-data-wiping, strong encryption models, data loss prevention (DLP), two factor authentication (2FA) and automatic alerts on unusual activities.

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Easy File Management

Sometimes, your team might need to work on the same document multiple times. This can create issues with version management. FileCloud offers unlimited versioning, helping you easily restore any previous versions whenever needed.

Our portal offers Microsoft Office and Outlook integration, providing the ability to edit files on-the-go and preview documents in emails. While you can use external integrations with some EFSS solutions, FileCloud simplifies the process by providing a native integration with all packages.

That’s not all — we also help you keep your data secure with features such as link expiry, file locking, data governance and retention policies and much more. Check out our detailed list of cloud storage features

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”

Selective Sync - Super Quick Document Updates, and Low Risks of Space Expiry

Selective sync lets you automatically sync a cloud-stored folder to your local device. You may need to download the desktop client of the storage provider and set selective sync up.

How can selective sync maximize efficiency and improve your workflow?

• Users can choose to set up sync for only important cloud-stored folders, saving on local disk space and ensuring that the local disk won’t fill up completely — a common phenomenon with non-selective cloud-syncs.
• If users make updates to files stored in selective sync folders, the updates are immediately synced with the cloud versions of the files in real time. This makes working on the go or from one’s home much more convenient from an information management perspective.

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”

Unlock the Potential of Collaboration

When you think of cloud, think of collaboration. Your cloud storage solution must focus on collaboration. Look for these features:

Workflows – Automated workflows to alert people that they need to take an action on the document.

• Smart notifications – Users should be alerted of changes made to files/folders.
• Document level commenting – This can help teams collaborate on shared documents.
• Integration with productivity tools – Tech giants are offering integration with office tools to make cloud storage solutions all the more powerful.
• Activity streams – Help anybody understand what updates/changes were done to a file/folder in the recent past.

“With FileCloud we’re able to securely access our internal network shares from anywhere, while maintaining current NTFS permissions”

Look For Unlimited Cloud Storage

Before we tell you more, let’s answer a couple of questions.

What does unlimited cloud storage mean?

It’s exactly what it sounds. For a flat monthly fee, cloud storage vendors offer limitless storage space. You can also run a cloud service provider’s technology on your own server, and get unlimited storage, along with the top-notch features of the storage solution.

Does FileCloud offer unlimited cloud storage?

FileCloud offers unlimited storage, along with cutting edge customization, integration, security, sharing, backup, mobility, and administrative capabilities. DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon also offer unlimited storage with some caveats.

"FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution."

Keep Your Data in a Region of Your Choice

With FileCloud Online, you get the complete flexibility on deciding where your organization’s data gets stored.

FileCloud Online is hosted in very secure, world-class data centers in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, or Asia. You can select a region that aligns with your business center. Get complete control over your data.

"We picked FileCloud based on features, cost, the excellent support we received."


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