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Business Cloud Server

Cloud storage servers are virtual storage facilities provided by cloud service providers that help to store and access multiple files without the requirement of any direct physical device. Web storage server can be accessed via the internet. FileCloud offers cloud storage without any downtime.

Access Data From Any Device

Cloud storage servers operate with the help of data centers which are located in different regions helping to replicate and move your data so that they are never lost. With the help of mobility in the data between servers, you can access your data from any part of the world in any device you have access to the cloud storage server.

Security Features

File cloud server has many layers of security protocols which prevents and protects your data from any damage, loss or theft. FileCloud provides 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, Active Directory integration, two-factor authentication, SSO (single sign-on), automatic anti-virus scanning of files, and much more.

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FileCloud Cloud Storage Server

The most important thing to know about an online storage server is that all the information and data is stored, maintained, and controlled in physical or virtual servers located in data centers and can be accessed via the internet. Computer hardware is assembled at a location and integrated to work together in sync to supply numerous computer operated service features as an online service. The cloud storage server is maintained remotely through a web interface.

What is a cloud storage server and how does it work?

Facebook is known to all and is accessed by billions of people around the globe regularly. Well, the cloud storage server has made it very easy for the world to interact and access the same piece of information at the same time. It is impressive how SaaS cloud application has made it possible for an average web surfer to interact with a server cloud storage virtually.

Virtual data storage server is the primary component. A cloud is where files are stored in remote servers with the help of cloud computing model and it can be accessed by internet. A cloud is maintained by the support of cloud storage servers operated and managed by visualization techniques.

Dropbox is one of the most prominent examples of online cloud storage servers that allows users to store, access and backup files like music, videos, contacts, images, emails, contacts and other important data from anywhere around the world. While file storage servers like Dropbox have good cloud servers, they come with serious limits when it comes to client control over their own data and security. FileCloud’s hosted solution offers the same cloud server solution with much better security and customer support.

Where are my files stored? Is it secure?

Any file that you choose to upload is stored in the dedicated data centers. The cloud storage servers continuously run with the help of these data centers and are maintained by the cloud service providers. Data centers secure your files from any kind of damage and make those files available whenever you want to access it via the internet. Cloud storage service providers promise you to protect your data from any kind of internal and external breach. Safety and security of your data is their prime objective.

The files can’t be hacked due to its high-security features like private cloud, firewall protection, intensive authentication processes like the requirement of usernames and passwords for accessibility and many others. Apart from that, these data centers are located in very cool temperatures and are protected from any damage caused by fire, water or unauthorized physical access.

FileCloud is one such reputed providers of cloud storage server. It lives by its reputation of providing high-quality performance and security. Let us dig deep into the benefits of FileCloud’s cloud storage servers.

1. Data Redundancy and re-modeling (Security)

While selecting the best file storage server, a company looks forward to having the most secured feature which is data prevention. FileCloud cloud storage server provides the feature of maintaining numerous copies of the same files and secure it in the data center. This feature enables an excellent file permanence and removes any chances of data depletion. FileCloud also offers geo re-modeling (replication) of the data as an option. This increases the protection by making multiple copies of the files covering many regions. This is done with the help of moving the files between data centers located in different places working in sync making many backups simultaneously.

2. Cloud Storage Server and ROI

Our cloud server storage offer discrete storage class service. This feature of cloud storage server comes in when you decide the frequency and time duration of the files you want to store and backup. For example, if your data needs to be stored and backed up continually, you can go for the hot-storage class as an option. This feature makes data recovery fast and is very cost effective. Meanwhile, you may also need to store some files for an extended period and you wish to retrieve them in long intervals. Archive storage facility works as the best option in this case. FileCloud cloud storage servers also allow you to shuffle automatically between data tiers, reducing management costs.

3. Global Regulatory Compliance

To maintain a backup of the files in the regional data center same as the data origin is regarded as the best practice of data regulatory compliance. FileCloud cloud storage servers can be accessed in different regions. So, if you have customers overseas, you do not have to worry about the regulatory compliance of data storage as FileCloud accommodates cloud storage services from multiple data centers.

Adding to this advantage, FileCloud also understands that for the best outcome of the data storage and backup, it is necessary to store and move the files between the data centers within the same region. Hence, if you are in the USA and you have a client in Berlin, you do not have to worry about your data being transferred and retrieved from different data centers. It is intact and has the ability to yield the best performance.

FileCloud also offers innovative support tools to help with regulations like GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA, CCPA, and ITAR. The Compliance Center is specifically configured to connect FileCloud tools with GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR requirements. For those who need to comply with government encryption requirements. FileCloud can be run in FIPS 140-2 mode, which applies advanced encryption and other security protocols to your environment.

Learn more about standard industry compliance requirements here.

4. Ransomware/Malware Protection

FileCloud cloud storage servers are capable of making it difficult for ransomware to access any file. You would be happy to know that your files are prevented and protected against any ransomware that encrypts or destroys the data making it vulnerable to data loss. Proper authentication and regular checkups are part of its security feature. If an alien software which tries to manipulate a file is detected, FileCloud secures your confidential data by file extension blacklist, file blocking and account locking system as its line of defense as prevention. In the second line of defense, data protection takes charge of securing the files by data retention and roll back.

FileCloud cloud storage servers make sure that none of the files are harmed and your data is always safe. Check out the comparison between ownCloud vs. Nextcloud

Secure Online File Sharing

FileCloud provides public, private, and password protected file sharing with expiry date option. Admins can manage sub folder level permissions.

Large File Upload

Does your daily file sharing include large files? Now, share large files with huge sizes without limits. You can share files of any size with clients, partners and employees

Preview Files

Within FileCloud, you can preview multiple types of files using Built-in document preview option. This option lets you preview Word, Excel, PDF and many more file formats without downloading a single file. Smart collaboration feature indeed!

Custom Branding

FileCloud showcases your brand in every way possible. Host your files on your custom domain, customize colors and logo, background image, fonts, email communications, and terms of service.

Organize Files

Simple file and folder structure to help you organize and manage files easily. Many more small but useful features within FileCloud like Drag-and-Drop upload and a “recently added/modified” view of files.

No Data Loss

A stolen laptop or a hard disk crash no longer means you lose your files. Store all your working documents and projects securely in FileCloud Cloud storage.

Control File Access

Always know when your files have been accessed or downloaded. You can also control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Share files securely without adding to your license costs with FileCloud’s free client accounts.

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What are the benefits of using FileCloud’s servers over another providers?

  • FileCloud allows Self-Hosting on Premises.
  • FileCloud can be used on a Windows server cloud storage.
  • FileCloud allows the use of Windows Network Folders with NTFS permissions.
  • Our cloud storage hosting integrates with Active Directory and users can keep using the same Active Directory credentials.
  • FileCloud offers external file-sharing capabilities to share files with vendors, partners, and customers.
  • FileCloud allows one to remotely wipe files on client devices (PCs, mobile apps etc).
  • FileCloud offers strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom metadata sets.
  • FileCloud allows manual retention, share deletion policies, and manual classifications.
  • FileCloud provides powerful administration features for system admins (Device dashboard, detailed audit log, reports and much more …)
  • FileCloud offers unparalleled branding/customization. You can change the logo and login screen, brand your file-sharing emails, and you can run it on a custom domain.
  • FileCloud offers a pattern search so as to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance.
  • FileCloud offers security and permissions at folder/subfolder levels.
  • FileCloud offers virtual drive & selective sync capabilities.
  • Data loss prevention
  • HIPAA or FINRA compliant enterprise file share
  • Strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom metadata sets

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