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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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Dropbox Business Alternative -
FileCloud Is Like Dropbox but More Powerful, Versatile and Economical!

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Why look for Dropbox alternatives for Business?

Storage limits

Dropbox only offers 2TB of storage for standard business plans; to get more storage, you need to sign up for an enterprise business plan. FileCloud server comes with Unlimited Storage.

Security Features

Dropbox provides HIPAA compliance only at business and enterprise levels. They also don’t cover client-side encryption for your data. For top-tier security, switching to FileCloud is a better option.


From sync apps and real-time, collaborative file editing to unlimited file versioning and file locking, FileCloud offers the kinds of collaboration tools that DropBox can’t match.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

FileCloud is an Outstanding Dropbox Alternative to Organize and Share Your Enterprise Data!

FileCloud excels Dropbox by offering powerful capabilities such as self-hosted option, granular folder/sub folder permissions, endpoint backup, custom branding, built-in ransomware protection, customer managed encryption keys, site sandbox and unlimited, free client accounts to organize and share your enterprise data.

FileCloud offers 5X more ROI than Dropbox. For 100 users deployment Dropbox costs 24000$ while FileCloud costs only 4200$.

Dropbox also lacks end-to-end encryption and you may be putting your data at risk while choosing Dropbox over FileCloud.

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Self-Hosted or SaaS Option

While dropbox is available only as SaaS , FileCloud is available both as self-hosted and as a SaaS offering. You can choose the cloud model that is right for your organizational needs. FileCloud can be hosted on-premise servers or on AWS and Azure infrastructure under your cloud account.

Endpoint Backup

Unlike Dropbox, in addition to file sync and sharing, FileCloud also offers endpoint backup for your file servers, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. You can select any number of folders from your file servers or computers and back them up to FileCloud.

Customer Managed Encryption Keys

FileCloud allows customers to choose their own Encryption keys for increased security. Moreover FileCloud supports the following encryption options when you use AWS S3: Server-Side Encryption with Amazon S3-Managed Keys (SSE-S3), Server-Side Encryption with AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS) and Server-Side Encryption with Customer-Provided Keys (SSE-C).

Built-in Ransomware Protection

Dropbox phishing scams are a main source of large-scale ransomware attacks. Unlike Dropbox, FileCloud offers 360 degree ransomware protection that includes a file content heuristic engine, unlimited file versioning, and endpoint backup to restore original files. Moreover FileCloud’s custom branding capabilities (login page image, branded emails templates and business domain) protect against spoofing attacks.

Custom Branding

Unlike dropbox, FileCloud offers an array of customization options to build your brand. You can customize logos, login page image, email templates, TOS and user interface elements by customizing CSS. You can also run FileCloud under your own business domain.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Unlike Dropbox, FileCloud offers free, unlimited client accounts for external vendors and partners. Our free client accounts enable secure, private file sharing with granular audit capabilities.

Granular Folder/ Subfolder Permissions

FileCloud offers granular permissions over folders. Organizations can manage access permissions at any folder or subfolder level. Admins can ensure an appropriate level of access for every user, by assigning individual folder level permissions.

Site Sandbox & Take out Guarantee

FileCloud’s unique site sandbox architecture isolates every customer site from other customer sites for maximum security. FileCloud also guarantees the export of files to an on-premises FileCloud system anytime, so you can maintain complete control over your data.

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Security and Safety

In the past few years, Dropbox has had a couple of hacking incidents with over 50 million accounts compromised, which has become a very big concern for businesses using Dropbox.

Fortunately, FileCloud provides better security, efficiency and reliability. FileCloud provides modern encryption (AES 256-bit) methods and industry standards to transfer (SSL/TLS secure tunnel) and store your data securely.

Supports two factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, ransomware detection, data leak prevention and easy-to-configure security policies.

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud and LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Dropbox Alternatives for Business - FileCloud

Thousands of top organizations use FileCloud for File Sharing across the world. FileCloud can be hosted on Windows, as well as Linux. FileCloud has an edge over Dropbox with end to end encryption, selective sync, virtual drive, unlimited Client accounts, unlimited file sizes for uploads, enhanced security features, and endpoint backup.

FileCloud has more feature advantages as a secure Dropbox alternative business solution.

"FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution."

Alternative to Dropbox for Business - FileCloud

Let’s list down FileCloud advantages over Dropbox

  • Data loss prevention
  • HIPAA or FINRA compliant enterprise file share
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Customizable workflows and Office 365 integration
  • Roll back to previous versions
  • Text Search for easy file searches
  • Selective Sync
  • Real-time file sync
  • Change tracking and audit logs
  • User and role management

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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