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eFolder Anchor alternative for Business

EFolder Anchor offers both on-premises and cloud-based enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) services to small and mid-enterprise clients. Thanks to this program, users can access content from mobile and desktop devices without having to spend hours on managing the file transfer process themselves. What’s more, eFolder Anchor file sync comes with almost real-time sync and share features that permit customers to collaborate efficiently with coworkers irrespective of the distance between them. However, for all their positive, Anchor suffers from one glaring flaw – it cannot be purchased directly from the eFolder website; instead, they need to avail the service through a managed service partner. As a result, Anchor is not easily available, and SMB owners are better off looking elsewhere for similar programs with more flexibility.

Why FileCloud is a Better Option Than eFolder Anchor?

One of the best eFolder Anchor for Business alternatives available in the EFSS market right now is FileCloud. Let’s review efolder vs FileCloud comparison in detail. Released back in 2012, FileCloud has continued to grow and evolve as the most innovative file sharing and sync platform in the IT industry. A product of CodeLathe Technologies Inc., FileCloud incorporates all the latest and best features to meet the demands and expectations of the consumers. No wonder it has earned a formidable reputation and continues to be the most formidable eFolder Anchor alternative.

eFolder Anchor vs FileCloud

eFolder Anchor
FileCloud eFolder Anchor
Hosting Options & Features
On Premises/Self-Hosted yes yes
Cloud Hosted yes no
IAAS (AWS) yes no
IAAS (AWS GovCloud) yes no
IAAS (Azure) yes no
Multi-Tenancy yes yes
Run On Docker yes no
Run On Linux Server yes no
Run On Windows Server yes no
Storage, Sync & Backup Features
Storage Sync yes yes
Large File Support, max file size yes yes
Supported Local Storage yes yes
Storage Limitation Unlimited Unlimited
Endpoint Backup (Multiple folders) yes yes
Branch Office Synchronization yes no
Mobile Features
Native Mobile Apps iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone
iOS, Android Media backup yes no
Cloud Features
File Sharing yes yes
Secure Access yes yes
Cross Platform yes yes
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux) yes Windows & Mac
Document Quick Edit yes no
Document Web Edit yes no
Embedded File Upload Form yes no
File Comments/Activity Stream yes no
Workflow Automation yes no
Chrome Extension yes no
Gmail Extension yes no
Customization, Branding yes yes
Security, Access Control & Existing File Systems Integration
Integrate – Existing Home Directories yes no
NTFS Support yes no
Network Share Support yes no
Network Share Versioning yes no
Active Directory Support yes yes
Multiple Active Directory yes no
Single Sign-On yes no
SAML Authentication yes no
Data At Rest Encryption yes yes
Two Factor Authentication(2FA) yes yes
File Locking yes yes
Outlook Integration yes yes
API Support yes no
Sharepoint plugin Under Development no
E-signature Under Development no
Google Drive Integration Under Development no
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support yes no
Audit & Admin Tools
Access and Monitoring Control yes yes
Mobile Device Management (Block devices, remote wipe, notification to devices) yes yes
Audit Reports yes yes
Geo IP Access Reports yes no
File Analytics & Reporting (Summary of Client Applications per OS & Type, User Shares, Active Files Managed, File Type Distribution) yes no
Role Based Administration yes no
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FileCloud vs. eFolder Anchor

What Features makes eFolder Anchor Unique?

    • Anchor file sharing offers safe and secure file collaboration across mobile devices, laptops, computers, and the cloud.
    • Existing file servers are all cloud enabled.
    • eFolder Anchor supports various Operating Systems, including Windows, Windows Phone, Android, OS X, and iOS.
    • Customizable branding is available for web, agent, and mobile application.
    • Simple, managed sharing empowerment.
    • Provides access to strong monitoring features.
    • Seamless integration with Office Online.

Why FileCloud is a Cut Above the Rest?

The reason why FileCloud gets so much love from consumers is because it not only offers every benefit mentioned above as eFolder Anchor, but the service even has additional capabilities at its disposal, making it one of the most versatile EFSS for consumers. Some of the highlights include:
      • Limitless file versioning
      • Audit logs
      • Desktop user management and map drive
      • Desktop Sync Client
      • Remote Wipe
      • Antivirus support
      • Unified device management console
      • Advanced security settings
      • General bandwidth reporting and tracking
      • Metadata support
      • GDPR compliance.

What Makes FileCloud the best alternative to eFolder Anchor?

What makes FileCloud the best eFolder Anchor alternative is its attention to security and safety of users. With ransomware and other digital attacks becoming more commonplace, consumers need all the help they can get and FileCloud’s improved security specifications make it a worthwhile investment for businesses.
      • Document Edit: FileCloud lets you edit MS PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word, and Project files directly through the FileCloud Web user interface on the user’s desktop. As soon as you’re done editing and saving the file, FileCloud takes care of the background tasks, such as sending notifications, uploading new versions, and sharing updates.
      • Web DAV: FileCloud is compatible with WebDAV and users can mount it like a drive in every major OS. Keep in mind though that the process works seamlessly in Linux and Mac, but may offer inconsistent results in Windows OS.
      • Amazon S3/OpenStack Support: Thanks to FileCloud, enterprises are able to set up Amazon S3 and OpenStack storage directly with minimum fuss. This allows enterprises to switch between storage options with high flexibility.
      • SAML Integration: SAML focused Single Sign On (SSO) service is provided to users by FileCloud. It allows complete control over the authentication and authorization of hosted user accounts. Also, thanks to this SAML model, FileCloud serves more of a service provider role as well as a claims aware application.
      • Antivirus: FileCloud permits users to scan uploaded files automatically with the help of ClamAV. The antivirus program is compatible with Linux and Windows OS.
      • NTFS Support: Many organizations share Windows
      • based Network Folders among the employees. NTFS rights setup is used to manage the permissions on these Network Folders for different groups and users. FileCloud is capable of using the same NTFS permissions for authorizing users and letting them access the resources.
      • Multi Tenancy Support: MSPs now have the option of using one FileCloud tool to serve multiple customers at the same time. Also, they get the benefit of customized branding even as the data separation stays intact.
      • API Support: Thanks to the FileCloud APIs, developers can access the tools they require to build different apps. This provides integration and extensibility of FileCloud with current enterprise frameworks and systems. Most importantly, the FileCloud developer API can be used and integrated without hassle.
      • Network Share Support: All the latest versions of FileCloud let users access existing folders and files stored on SMB, USB, NFS, CIFS, and other network share.

More FileCloud Features

Innovative File Sharing Capabilities of FileCloud

What makes FileCloud a worthy eFolder Anchor alternative is it enables you to access organizational data without having to change the IT infrastructure. FileCloud may be hosted on
  • premises and lets you exert total control over sensitive data. At the same time, you get the dual benefits of unlimited storage and limitless file size upload. If that’s nlot all, the current NTFS permissions may be preserved in the Active directory.

    What Kind of Administrative and Security Features Does FileCloud Offer?

    Every business wishes to be secure and stable, and that involves the safekeeping of vital documents and files. And that is precisely what you get with FileCloud. Being an effective EFSS, FileCloud provides improved security measures and privacy controls for all files and data. The program even lets you backup any user data from Mac, Windows, or Linux OS. Backups can be scheduled as per your convenience and FileCloud will complete the task at the given time on your behalf. Boasting enhanced security specifications and a decent admin system, FileCloud is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of any business, regardless of volume and size.

    Why FileCloud is the Perfect Alternative to eFolder Anchor?

    • Option to host FileCloud on on
    • premises or any IaaS (e.g. AWS, Azure)
    • Powerful administration features (Device Dashboard, detailed audit logs)
    • Customization (Change Logo, Change Login screen, Run on custom domain)
    • Unlimited external (partner/ client) accounts
    • Federated search
    • Full Text Search
    • Designed for mobile (Allows you to work on the Go)
    • Advanced sharing options
    • Security and permissions at various levels
    • Virtual drive & selective sync
    • Integration with Active Directory and users can keep using same Active Directory credentials
    • Strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom meta data sets
    • Flexible storage options
    • Customizable work flows and Office 365 integration
    • All major file types supported
    • Access documents using web interface without an installed client on local machine
    • Real time file sync
    • Ability to control by user/group file/folder access
    • External sharing permissions, editing policies, device location restrictions, sharing by device.

    1000s of Organizations Run FileCloud

    We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team.

    Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite.

    We chose FileCloud for its ease of installation and use, as well as the generous price point and helpful support.

    FileCloud Features – Alternative to eFolder Anchor


    Web Access


    Mobile Apps

    Desktop Sync Apps

    Drive App

    Microsoft Outlook Add-In

    Administration Portal




    FileCloud Direct Installation Windows Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2003/2008 64 bit (Installer), Ubuntu (deb), Redhat & CentOS(rpm)
    FileCloud VM Installation OVF (VMWare Products, VirtualBox)
    Run on your Own Premises using your own infrastructure Yes
    Run on Own Domain Runs under your domain (Ex: fileshare.yourcompany.com)
    Full SSL Encryption support Yes
    High Availability Setups Possible Yes
    Authentication Active Directory, LDAP or Local Authentication
    Storage Local Storage on Local HDD, NAS, SAN
    Multi-Tenancy Serve multiple clients using a single instance
    Company Network Shares Make any network shares accessible via FileCloud

    Web Access

    Supported Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE 8 and later
    Access, Browse, View Files and Folders Get your organization files from anywhere
    Preview Microsoft DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOC, XLS, PPT files Instant Preview support for office documents without downloading
    Download Files Download files to your PC for offline access
    Download Entire Folders or Multiple Files as Zip Zip compression to facilitate faster downloads
    Copy, Move, Delete Files or Folders Exhaustive file management functions
    Automatic File Versioning Unlimited Automatic file versioning and recovery
    Upload multiple files using drag and drop Easy uploading. Just drag and drop files to the browser window.
    Play back media files (music and video)
    Photo gallery support for jpeg and png images Gallery / Slideshow view for photos and pictures
    Manage Favorite Files and Folder Locations
    Automatic listing of most recently accessed files Shortcut to recently accessed files.
    Search files and folders recursively Allows sub folder file search
    Recycle Bin Support to restore deleted files Recover accidentally deleted files in 2 clicks.
    WebDAV support Connect with many different client apps using WebDAV


    Share Files and Folders to other users inside and outside the organization 1-Click file sharing and easy collaboration
    Public Shares Allows anyone using a provided link to access files or folders
    Private Secure Shares Allows only users having proper login credentials to access the share
    Upload to Public Shares Yes
    Share Permissions Read, Write, Re-sharing, *Sync (* only for managed storage)
    Set Share Link Expiry Dates Time limited shares
    Email Notifications for Shares Email notification for easy file sharing
    File Change Notifications via email Keep up to date on what files are changing

    Mobile Apps

    Supported Mobile Platforms Mobile apps available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
    Access, Browse, View Files and Folders Yes
    Download Files for Offline Access Yes
    Manage all connected mobile devices directly via Admin Portal Yes
    Remotely wipe all offline files in a mobile device Yes
    Block a specific mobile device from logging in Yes
    Download All Files in Folder for Offline Access Yes
    Copy, Move, Delete Files or Folders Exhaustive file management functions
    Upload files, photos, videos from your mobile Yes
    Playback media files (music and video) YesNative media formats (mp4 and mp3)
    Photo gallery support for jpeg and png images Yes
    Manage Favorite Files and Folder Locations Yes
    View Recently Accessed Files Yes
    Share a file directly via Email Yes
    Share a link to file or folder Yes
    Open files in other apps installed on the device Yes

    Desktop Sync Apps

    Supported Platforms Windows Vista/7/8, Ubuntu, Mac OSX
    Work Offline with your Managed Storage Cloud Files Yes
    Work Offline with files shared with you Yes
    Synchronize Files back to the Cloud when online automatically Yes
    Upload many files and folders effortlessly Yes

    Drive App

    Supported Platforms Windows Vista/7/8
    Desktop file access using mapped drives Yes
    Mount cloud space as local drive Yes
    Drag and Drop files Yes
    Edit Documents directly Yes
    File Caching Support Yes

    Microsoft Outlook Add-In

    Supported Versions Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above
    Share files and folders from Cloud Yes
    Upload files to Cloud Yes
    Share as an attachment or link Yes

    Administration Portal

    Web based Centralized Administration Yes
    Manage and Administer User Accounts Yes
    Manage and Administer User Groups Yes
    Manage and Administer External Network Shares Yes
    1-Click Upgrade Process for Updating to New Versions Yes
    Mobile Device Management Yes
    Easy customization and branding using web interface Yes


    Secure Socket layer Yes
    Anti-Virus Integration Yes
    PIN lock code for Mobile apps Yes
    Full HIPAA Compliant Audit Trail Yes
    Track all mobile devices attached to FileCloud Yes
    Remote Wipe or Block certain mobile devices Yes


    Customize all branding and logos Yes
    Use your own domain name Yes
    Customized Email Messages Yes
    Use your own email server Yes
    Language Localization Support Yes

    Who is using FileCloud?

    • Rice Fergus Miller Logo
    • Reeve - Knight Construction Logo
    • Stewart Logo
    • Marrillia Logo
    • Derwent Group Logo
    • DR Horton Logo
    • MHS Homes Logo
    • Pogue Construction Logo
    • Hutton Construction Logo
    • Tocci Logo

    Key FileCloud Advantages

    • Mobile Access – Top rated mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry
    • Auditing and Data Governance Features
    • Mobile device Management- Remote monitoring, wiping, blocking devices
    • Options to Customize
    • Lowest Cost to Own
    • Simple pricing. No Upsell


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