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The FileCloud team’s main goal is to be customer-centric. That means we listen to our customers and think of them when improving our products. A result of this mindset is the variety of useful enterprise features that FileCloud includes to make your content management experience easier and more secure. Secure Content Management One of the greatest capabilities that FileCloud provides is maximum data security from file upload to archive. The following steps provide an example of how that works.
  • Step 1: Content Classification Engine (CCE) When you upload a file, our Smart Classification engine quickly sorts your content into logical categories. This lets you find personally identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive content quickly and easily. For example once smart classification is set up, FileCloud will automatically label a file containing social security numbers as a sensitive document.ServerSync
  • Step 2: Smart Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Next, based on the file labels (metadata), you can use Smart DLP to create a rule to allow or deny users from downloading or sharing these sensitve files.ServerSync
  • Step 3: Digital Rights Management (DRM) Now that you have automatically classifed your files and stored in a secure manner, use FileCloud’s range of Digital Rights Management tools to securely share your sensitive files. These tools include:
  • The ability to protect, track, and control sensitive documents after distribution. This stops unauthorized sharing, screenshots, copying, and printing of your intellectual property.
  • A secure document viewer/container with a restricted viewing mode. This protects confidential files from unsolicited viewing. Your Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), PDF, and image (jpeg, png) files are protected in a single encrypted document container.
  • Screenshot/print protection. This feature prevents recipients from taking screenshots or printing secure information and documents.
  • The ability to restrict and revoke access to files anytime. This removes the risk of accidentally transmitting confidential files and allows you to enforce your policy controls even after distribution.ServerSync
  • Step 4: Content Retention Finally, automate your content life cycle management by creating content retention policies , including archival, legal, and admin holds. This ensures the security and compliance of your content management from start to finish.ServerSync Other Enterprise Features
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for Limited Users 2FA for your unlimited free client accounts or the Limited Access type of users in FileCloud adds an extra layer of protection when external users log in using email, Google Authenticator, or SMS security code to view the sensitive files you have shared.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Solr OCR enables FileCloud’s content search engine to search image files and PDF files for your search string, and makes it possible for FileCloud’s content classification engine (CCE) to scan image files and PDFs for pattern-matching text. This means you never have to waste time manually looking for documents again.
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