FileCloud + Microsoft Office Integration

Thousands of our customers use FileCloud to author, edit and share millions of files every day. Besides our existing Office integration features (add-ons), FileCloud is fully integrated with Office Online. FileCloud also offers DocIQ, a real-time collaboration layer that displays relevant contextual information next to any Microsoft Office document. Working with remote Office files has never been simpler! “Apart from SharePoint, FileCloud is the only software that enables you to edit on-premise Office documents within a browser from anywhere.”

Microsoft Office Online Integration

If you have an Office 365 subscription or you are part of Microsoft’s volume licensing, you can fully integrate FileCloud with your Office Online server. With Office Online integration, you can open, edit and save any Office files stored in FileCloud right from your browser.
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Edit, AutoSave

FileCloud’s ‘Web Edit’ feature opens an Office Online app (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) in the browser to open a file. Your changes are auto-saved as you edit.

Easy Collaboration

FileCloud will lock and unlock files appropriately to enable easy collaboration across multiple teams.

File Versioning

FileCloud maintains unlimited file versions and you can revert or open older versions of the file right in the browser.

Microsoft Office Add-ons

Using FileCloud Office add-ons, you can open/edit/save files to FileCloud directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on a PC. Users can work directly from their favorite Office client apps and save the files to FileCloud.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

FileCloud’s integration with Microsoft Outlook will improve your productivity when sharing files within your organization or with your customers. With FileCloud’s Outlook add-on, you can do the following directly from Outlook:
  • Automatically upload attachments to FileCloud and share them as a link in emails
  • Share remote files as a link in emails

Office Mobile Apps Integration

Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on iOS and Android can directly open/edit/save files from and to the FileCloud server. Users can work from their favorite Office mobile apps and save the files to the FileCloud server. *Requires Office 365 subscription.


DocIQ is a real-time collaboration layer for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive clients. DocIQ supports automatic file-lock management, collaboration through comments, share management and version visibility for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.


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