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Sync Files on Both On-Premises Server and the Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Storage Features

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Are you using Windows file servers to store data? Convert these file servers into a powerful enterprise file-sharing, backup, sync, and mobile access platform using FileCloud hybrid cloud storage.

Fast, Low-latency Access

FileCloud’s hybrid Cloud file server provides the best of on-premises and the cloud. Get fast, low-latency access via LAN when you are in the office and anywhere access from the cloud when you work remotely.

FileCloud ServerSync

Securely access, share, and collaborate with data in the cloud or on your Windows file servers on-premises. FileCloud ServerSync synchronizes files and permissions to the Cloud server and enables a simple hybrid solution.

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The hybrid cloud architecture combines the best of both self-hosted on-premises and cloud storage. Traditional on-premises storage works on the LAN network that give only local access to the data. FileCloud combines traditional self-hosted on-premises server with online cloud servers to help business teams access data remotely from anywhere. Integrate your existing IT storage and network shares with FileCloud to convert your file server into a modern hybrid Cloud file server without spending a lot.

FileCloud ServerSync

Files and permissions stored on Windows file servers that are on-premises are easily synchronized to the cloud server. With this architecture, copies of files and permissions between the cloud and on-premises storage are maintained in complete sync.

FileCloud ServerSync enables a unique hybrid-cloud approach that allows traditional LAN access when on-premises and cloud access when off-site or remote. FileCloud ServerSync offers the benefits of both the cloud and on-premises infrastructure. On-premises provides low latency access whereas cloud offers scalability and redundancy.

FileCloud ServerSync Architecture

Hybrid Cloud

Fast, Low Latency Access

Working on-premises connected over LAN will provide you with low latency access and faster network speeds while working from the office.

Remote Access Through Cloud

Get quick and easy drive access from anywhere, anytime, from both inside your office (LAN) and from the comfort of your own home (WAN). Access your cloud space as though it were a local disk with our drive client, available on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Data Redundancy

Copies of files from local server are kept in the cloud for anywhere anytime access. In case your Windows file servers cannot be accessed, you can access files on the Cloud, and vice versa.

Modernize Legacy IT Infrastructure

Using FileCloud, you can modernize IT infrastructure and adopt the cloud for easy digital transformation without disrupting your current operations.

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FileCloud - Hybrid Cloud File Server

• Hybrid Cloud infrastructure: Combine the best of traditional and online file server for data storage
• High-speed local access: Access data in real-time and share large files without hassle
• Automatic backups: Scheduled automatic backup for data storage
• Recover deleted files: Deleted files can be easily recovered by using FileCloud
• Secure file sharing: Share files securely and with full privacy
• Fast accessibility: Files can be accessed easily through the LAN network for easy access
• Hybrid Cloud sync: On-premises storage and online cloud storage can be Synced together to form intuitive hybrid collaborative storage space
• Audit capabilities: Keep track of all the user activities

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"


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