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Secure Document Management - Manage, Organize, Share, Index and Categorize Documents


Cyberark alternative FileCloud can be deployed in on-premise servers, public cloud (aws, Azure) and also available as SaaS. FileCloud supports network shares (CIFS, NFS) and object based storage systems (s3, azure blob, wasabi) for document storage. This makes FileCloud an ideal online dropbox alternative.

Enterprise Search

In comparsion to cyberark features, FileCloud provides powerful search capabilities to index all your documents. It supports content search as well as search based on meta data. FileCloud offers federated search to find content across multiple users and data stores.

Content Classification

FileCloud offers metadata management capabilities to categorize documents. Organizations can create custom metadata sets or standard tags. FileCloud’s content classification engine automatically categorize your documents based on defined rules. These features are not available in cyberark file transfer.

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FileCloud secure file exchange is a secure document management system that helps organizations to manage, organize, share, index, categorize and track documents stored in on-premise servers or on any cloud. With the stupendous growth of unstructured content in modern organizations every organization needs a secure document management system. FileCloud provides exactly that. FileCloud supports the following requirements of a secure document management system.

  • Team Folders:Team folders provide a central place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders
  • Drive Application: Virtual drive app to access tera bytes of organization data without consuming space in the local disk
  • Document Versioning: Unlimited file versioning protects files from accidental over writes. Roll back to any only version
  • Advanced Sharing: Public, private and temporary shares. Granular folder/sub folder level permissions to control access
  • Powerful Search: Offers name only, full-text and meta data search to find relevant documents quickly
  • Federated Search: Administrators can find sensitive files across data stores quickly using search patterns and keywords
  • Document Retention/Archival: Provides powerful data governance capabilities to manage the document life cycle within the organization
  • Metadata Management System: Offers tagging and custom meta data set capabilities to categorize files including security classifications
  • Data Leak Prevention: Remote wipe/block capabilities to assure corporate data is protected across all your devices
  • Content Classification Engine: Automatically categorize documents based on key words and PII
  • Storage Agnostic: Supports network shares (CIFS, NFS) and object based storage systems like S3 and Azure Blobs
  • Recycle Bin: Protects files from accidental deletes.

Advanced Sharing

Public and Private sharing with expiration dates. Granular folder/sub folder level permissions to control access. Restrict download counts. View only sharing.

Unlimited File Versioning

Cyberark competitor FileCloud can automatically maintain multiple versions of a file. The number of versions stored is configurable by the system administrator. By default up to 3 versions are kept.

Enterprise Metadata Management

Instead of browsing through files spread across hundreds of folders, customers can organize files using metadata. For example, a designer can filter via the metadata attribute ‘stock photos’ and view all the stock photos spread across many folders. Or can use it for classifying compliance, similar to dropbox gdpr.

Content Search

In comparison to cyberark secure file exchange, users can discover files faster using full text and metadata search. Federated search for admins to find sensitive files across data silos.

Content Classification

Provides an automated content classification engine to categorize documents based on keywords and search patterns.

Data Governance

Designed for data governance of regulated industries, FileCloud empowers organizations to automate the creation, retention, archival and deletion of files across on-premises and public cloud environments.


FileCloud’s workflow automation enables enterprises to design and manage processes with simple ‘if this (a condition) then do that (an action)’, similar to IFTTT . Users can use these ‘condition:action’ combinations to automate many file related tasks from developing business processes to enforcing policies.

Mobile Scanning

Scan paper documents, receipts, or whiteboards with the document scanner. Our new mobile scanning feature makes digitizing physical documents easy.

Team Colloboration

File locking, comments an @mention support. Team folders to share files across a group or sub set of users. DocIQ to lock files natively on office clients (word, excel and powerpoint)

Document Editing

Document co-authoring support using Office 365. FileCloud quick edit to edit files directly on desktop using office apps (word, excel and powerpoint)

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