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Secure Web Viewer

The Secure Web Viewer is a simple, light-weight viewer that provides DRM protection by ensuring that the physical document can be viewed but is never actually shared with recipients. The viewer is available via browser so users can easily collaborate with DRM protections.

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Simple and Easy DRM

FileCloud’s DRM protection helps ensure that your sensitive files and documents are protected, with both a light-weight web-viewer and a heavier-duty secure document client with screenshot and screenshare protection.

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Secure Document Viewer

The Secure Document Viewer helps protect your most important files with a downloaded client that prevents screenshots, screensharing, and printing, and enforces access limits. This means that collaboration can continue, all while confidential or highly sensitive files are protected.

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FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer

The Secure Document viewer is a heavier-duty DRM option compared to the Secure Web Viewer. For sectors such as government, defense, healthcare, or finance that have highly-sensitive documents that still need to be shared, the Secure Document Viewer is the way to go.

With the Secure Document Viewer, senders are able to relay documents with controls and protections like screenshot/screenshare protection, no ability to print, and access limits. Even after files are sent, users can still change protections, adding or removing as needed, which helps extend both security and collaboration.

To protect files at the highest level, there is a multi-step process: both sender and recipients must first download the Secure Documents viewer. Once the viewer has been downloaded, the sender shares the document and the access key with the recipient. Without the key, the recipient is not able to access the file.

Secure Web Viewer Secure Document Viewer
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Prevent distribution with view-only shares? Yes Icon Yes Icon
Screenshot/screenshare protection? No Icon Yes Icon
Enable limited visibility? Yes Icon Yes Icon
Requires client download? No Icon Yes Icon
Need key to access? No Icon Yes Icon

Comprehensive Digital Rights Management for Enterprises

Protect sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and creative assets with FileCloud’s comprehensive set of Digital Rights Management (DRM) features, including a client-based Secure Document Viewer and a Secure Web Viewer. Retain control over the distribution, copying, and access rights of your valuable digital assets, without compromising on fluid collaboration and business efficiency.

What Level of DRM Protection Do I Need?

Depending on your business and the files you work with, you might need different levels of DRM protection. FileCloud offers comprehensive DRM tools that can be used easily, with two different methods to protect your files.

FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer

Many industries need to protect files at some level. Maybe you work in manufacturing or design and need to share a blueprint but don’t want just anyone to be able to see this intellectual property? That’s where FileCloud’s Secure Web Viewer comes in.

The Secure Web Viewer is built into FileCloud’s familiar sharing UI so you can collaborate with DRM-protection straight from your browser without the need to download any a viewing client. The viewer is a fast and light-weight option that will allow you to share a file without actually giving the physical file away. The recipient will be able to see the file with screen limitations (only a small part of the file is visible at a time). They also won’t be able to edit or change the file to prevent either accidental or malicious alterations.

This limited visibility can be helpful in many scenarios, especially in shared or open offices where screens are exposed. It’s a tool that reduces information exposure while still allowing users to collaborate on files effectively.

Protect sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and creative assets with FileCloud’s comprehensive set of Digital Rights Management (DRM) features.

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Unlimited External Accounts

FileCloud provides unlimited external guest accounts without any additional cost. This makes collaboration between teams, clients, and vendors easy.

Integrations with Your Favorite Tools

With integrations with MS Teams, Office 365, Salesforce, McAfee (and more!) you’ll be able to use the tools you love in FileCloud’s hyper-secure environment.

Workflow Automation

No code-drag-and-drop workflow automation helps ensure that tedious work still gets done. From sign-offs to document review, Workflow Automation helps ensure that work keep moving forward.

Smart DLP

FileCloud’s simple, rule-driven Smart DLP helps prevent leaks before they happen by allowing control over user actions while evaluating rule expressions and variables in real time.

Smart Content Classification

FileCloud’s Smart Classification Engine sorts content into categories within minutes with built-in search patterns and metadata sets.

Compliance Center

The Compliance Center helps connect complicated regulations with best-practices and security options within FileCloud. With separate tabs for HIPAA, ITAR, and GDPR, becoming compliant is easier than ever.

Augment Your DRM with Zero Trust File Sharing

With FileCloud’s Zero Trust File Sharing®, you can set granular file permissions, remain in full command over your data at all times, and password-protect files in a Zip folder with 256-bit AES encryption.

Zero Trust File Sharing® passwords are not stored within the FileCloud system, so even in the event of a cyberattack, the contents of your Zero Trust folder cannot be breached. You can grant users read-write or read-only access to your zero trust files. Read-only access to your Zero Trust Zip folder allows users to preview and download files. Users granted read-write access can add and delete files to the Zero Trust folder.

This feature, unique to FileCloud, supports all standard file types and compression formats. It represents a new frontier in DRM that allows you to take total ownership of your data privacy and integrity. It also demonstrates FileCloud’s ongoing commitment to incorporating features that reflect Zero Trust principles.

Guard Against Privacy Breaches, Piracy, and Copyright Infringements

With the DRM features in FileCloud, you can protect your contracts; sensitive business information, such as sales and marketing reports; eBooks; and other business-critical assets.

FileCloud’s DRM capabilities can also prevent unauthorized reproduction of your assets, including copies, print versions, and screenshots. Maximum access counts can be set by senders of files as an extra layer of protection.

You can globally watermark your files to protect ownership, set expiration dates for file access, and restrict access according to geo-IP. These measures are all effective for preventing leaks.

Unlike many restrictive DRM platforms and tools, FileCloud allows you to achieve all of this without compromising on collaborative teamwork or restricting file types.


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