These helpful videos go over the specifics of being an administrator in FileCloud. You'll learn everything from using your dashboard and general settings to creating a compliant, secure system that your employees can easily use to store and share files.

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    Lesson 1 - Dashboard Overview

    Learn what to do after your FileCloud server has been installed. Including general dashboard details, how to access your FileCloud website, and how to access the user portal.

    Admin 4min 29
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    Lesson 2 - General Settings

    FileCloud has a lot of options to help admins create a file sharing and storage system that works for you. Watch this video to learn how to get your general settings (including service name, URL, WebDAV and more) customized and updated.

    Admin 4min 54
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    Lesson 3 - Managed Storage

    Watch this quick video to learn some important aspects of FileCloud managed storage. Learn about storage paths, versioning, user storage calculation, and more.

    Admin 2min 31
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    Lesson 4 - Network Shares

    Learn more about network settings for storage. You can manage your external network shares from your FileCloud admin dashboard.

    Admin 4min 17
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    Lesson 5 - Authentication-Active Directory

    Learn more about authentication settings with your FileCloud admin dashboard! This includes connection settings, UPN setting, and more.

    Admin 2min 41
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    Lesson 6 - Authentication-LDAP

    Admins have the option to use the LDAP protocol within FileCloud. Watch this quick video to learn how!

    Admin 0min 36
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    Lesson 7 - Admin Settings

    Watch this video to learn more about general FileCloud admin settings including account setting, alert settings, metrics, and updates.

    Admin 5min 42
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    Lesson 8 - Database Settings

    Watch this helpful video to learn more about FileCloud database settings, audits, and more!

    Admin 0min 38
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