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Online Cloud Storage - Cloud Based File Storage for Business

Unlimited Storage & Advanced Sharing

FileCloud provides unlimited storage space for data. FileCloud’s online cloud storage service comes bundled with backup solutions, sync, and advanced security features.

Remote Access

FileCloud lets you access data files remotely through internet-connected devices including mobile phones. Online cloud storage can be remotely accessed to restore lost files.

Cloud-Based Backup

FileCloud’s online cloud storage and backup services regularly backs up data. These backups prevent data loss and help in recovering lost files.

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With large amounts of data generated each day, it becomes important that data be stored safely and securely. Online cloud storage provides flexibility in handling your data with utmost care, making it easy to share or securely transfer business information.

Online cloud storage allows users to store information on remote servers, which can be accessed through internet-connected devices. The benefits online cloud services provide is that users need not invest in server storage infrastructure, maintenance, security, and service, thereby giving financial liberty to the business.

FileCloud comes equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and features including:

  • Secure servers: Data is stored on remote, secure servers that are maintained by dedicated teams.
  • Automatic backups: Your data is automatically backed up at regular intervals, thereby ensuring the latest data files are available to users.
  • Recover deleted files: Deleted files and folders can be easily recovered by users, thus ensuring no data gets lost.
  • Secure file sharing: Files can be easily shared with FileCloud’s cloud storage services. Users can share files publicly or privately depending on their requirements.
  • Affordable: FileCloud provides users with the best online cloud storage services which are secure as well as affordable for businesses and organizations, no matter their size.

To review more detailed FileCloud features, click below:

FileCloud features overview

Business file sharing

It is possible to share business files publicly with or without password security. Without password security, anyone who has the link can access the file. When a file is password-protected, users must enter the password for access. This is very easy to set up with FileCloud.

Simple file sharing with smart notifications

Easily share files from your FileCloud server with anyone. Even if they’re outside your company, you can use a simple share link. When someone accesses or edits the file, you can allow email notifications to be sent as well.

Keep sensitive business files secure

Share business files and confidential documents with password-protected links, view limits, granular download/edit permissions, expiration dates on shared links, and the option to revoke access at any time. This gives you total control over shares, so they’re only shared with who you want, when you want.

Powerful tools for sharing

FileCloud provides tools for secure file sharing like a virtual drive, client portal, custom upload form, selective sync, endpoint backup, federated search to support e-discovery, and GDPR compliance.

External file sharing privately with new users

In case you want to share files with new users privately, you can ask the share to create a new account to access files within your FileCloud network.

File sharing & multi-device access

FileCloud can provide access to files within your enterprise through mobile and desktop apps that are easy to use. By connecting FileCloud to existing storage in your enterprise (such as Amazon S3 or Windows network drives), FileCloud can operate as a single access point for files across your enterprise.

Microsoft Outlook & Office Online Integration

FileCloud’s seamless integration with MS Outlook improves productivity when sharing files within their organization or with external customers. Integration with Office Online enables users to easily preview, edit, and store MS office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) from your browser.

Powerful admin capabilities

Admins have useful features like a device dashboard, detailed audit logs, advanced reports, and much more. Admins can control user groups, file/folder access, and assign permissions, with restrictions whenever required

Unlimited client/partner accounts (free!) + ROI

FileCloud offers free client/partner accounts for clients, external vendors, and partners. Limited user accounts are free and do not count towards your user license limit.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Get the benefits of an on-prem server as well as the public cloud. Low latency, local file access when you are in-office and seamless remote access from the cloud if you are outside.


Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin, and endpoint device protection.

Available on Azure Marketplace

Pre-built FileCloud VMs are available on the Azure Marketplace to deploy in seconds. FileCloud also offers integration with Azure AD and Azure Files.

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Easily manage information to make it universally available

With FileCloud, organizations can access business data across any device sitting in the office, home, café, or anywhere in the world.

FileCloud provides a complete solution with secure, cloud-based storage for businesses. Advanced features help keep your organization safe and data under your control.

Your organization also gains access to custom metadata, personalized branding options, pattern search, audit reports, and advanced admin capabilities.

Admin Features

“FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.”

FileCloud online storage and backup solution

FileCloud allows users to access, share, and sync files anywhere on the go. FileCloud helps companies store data securely on our dedicated remote servers, which are optimized with the latest security features.

FileCloud carries out backups of your data automatically at regular intervals, thereby preventing the possibility of data loss and providing users with the latest data files.

FileCloud Security

“We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly.”

FileCloud offers unlimited storage space

FileCloud offers unlimited cloud storage along with app integration, unlimited file sharing, advanced backup, and selective sync.

With FileCloud, users get all relevant features such as large file transfer without size limits, automatic synchronization, unlimited file versioning, and data loss protection. FileCloud is a best-in-class solution, providing users with optimal and affordable cloud storage for business. You can also build your own cloud storage with FileCloud.

File sharing and sync

“FileCloud is an easy to use solution and met all our data residency requirements.”

FileCloud – powerful yet affordable

FileCloud provides its users with the latest innovative storage solutions and security infrastructure.

FileCloud is the best cloud storage in terms of power, accessibility, and ROI. . Thanks to the unlimited storage space, security infrastructure, and customization options, FileCloud has a clear edge over its competitors.

Check this detailed comparison of FileCloud pricing and features with other solutions.

FileCloud vs other EFSS solutions

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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