Run FileCloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Self-hosted, Enterprise-grade File Sharing and Sync Solution with Oracle Cloud


FileCloud allows enterprises and Managed Service Providers to host their own file sync, share, and mobile access solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Experience seamless file management and collaboration with the powerful integration of FileCloud on OCI. Our cutting-edge solution combines the robust capabilities of FileCloud’s file sharing and synchronization platform with the scalability of OCI, delivering an unparalleled collaboration experience for end users.

Additionally, admins can leverage powerful tools, such as Data Leak Prevention, metadata management, audit logs, and granular access permissions to create a hyper-secure environment that meets data governance and compliance requirements.

FileCloud is currently used by more than 3,000 businesses across 90 countries including world-leading universities, research organizations, government entities, and enterprises.

Hyper-secure Cloud File Storage

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Flexible Deployment

Deploying FileCloud on Oracle Cloud offers unparalleled flexibility. FileCloud can be run as a self-hosted solution to support data residency and control. Run on Windows, Linux, or mac, with full customization options to extend brand consistency.

API and Integration Options

FileCloud supports developer APIs, as well as APIs for system functions. Furthermore, FileCloud can be integrated with various third-party apps (Microsoft 365, Google, Collabora), as well as Salesforce on-premises and hybrid storage.

File Sync and Share

Enable seamless collaboration and work in real time across teams, departments, and even geographical boundaries. File lock management, unlimited file versioning, and file sharing options ensure authorized users have access to the data they need to support business processes.


Advanced encryption protocols protect data at rest and in transit. The heuristic content scanning engine detects and stops viruses and ransomware from being uploaded to the environment. FileCloud’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects sensitive documents after distribution with file access, screenshot, and print restrictions.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File SharingSM provides total control over who can access shared data. Zero Trust files are password-protected and encrypted. Decryption keys are not stored within FileCloud, so even administrators cannot access the contents of a Zero Trust Zip file.

Global Accessibility

Access your files and collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world. With FileCloud’s mobile apps and Oracle Cloud’s global data centers, your files are always within reach, ensuring productivity knows no bounds.

Data Life-cycle Management

Efficiently organize, categorize, and manage files using FileCloud’s robust data management tools. Admins can create file workflows, automate content classification, monitor and audit environment activity, and set content retention policies (legal hold, archival, and file retention).

Compliance Support

Run FileCloud in FIPS mode to comply with FIPS 140-2 requirements. Admins can also leverage dashboard-organized compliance support with the FileCloud Compliance Center (ITAR, GDPR, HIPAA). White papers and configuration guides are available through the compliance resource library (FINRA, CJIS, CMMC, PDPL, etc.).

Dive into the details at our FileCloud on Oracle Cloud Marketplace Listing. Experience the future of cloud collaboration.

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