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Online File Sharing Features

Fast & Secure Online File Sharing

Online file sharing through FileCloud is affordable for your business with 100% control over data. Share sensitive data, large files or simply anything with a button click.

Access Using Any Device

Everything you upload/ share or shared with you can be accessed on the go from any device. FileCloud helps your team get connected anywhere anytime.

Simple File Sharing Features

FileCloud provides the easiest way to upload files by dragging and dropping the files. Use FileCloud for more such simple file sharing features.

FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive time!

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FileCloud Gives You Tools to Collaborate Faster Using a Single Easy to Use Platform

Online file sharing is important for businesses as well as individuals. With the advent of technology and file sharing platforms, online file sharing certainly has become easy. However, you still need to carefully choose a secure and fast online file sharing platform.

Filecloud makes online file sharing secure and easy. No need to search for file sharing websites online when you need to send files in a pinch – FileCloud is a powerful platform that offers hyper-security and reliability. To start with, FileCloud’s Team Folders provide a centralized location for teams to collaborate on project files. Users can be organized into groups, which makes it easy to assign granular file and folder permissions, so everyone can access exactly what they need (and only what they need).

Do you work with a lot of external clients, vendors, subcontractors, or project stakeholders? FileCloud offers an unlimited number of external accounts, so your collaborators can easily engage in online file sharing without compromising your organization’s security or losing documents in massive email chains.

FileCloud even supports automation to make your business processes, including online file sharing, easier and more efficient. Users can leverage FileCloud’s workflow automation to create, manage, and share workflows that automate file sharing for processes like document review.

Secure Online File Sharing

FileCloud’s secure online file sharing provides public, private, and password protected file sharing with expiry date option. Admins can manage sub-folder level permissions.

Large File Sharing

Does your daily file sharing include large files? Now, share large files with huge sizes without limits. You can share files of any size with clients, partners and employees

Powerful Administration Interface

FileCloud’s powerful Admin features make It relatively easier to manage millions of files. For better insights you can check usage trends, peak usage, geo data and more analytical indicators. Admin can also apply global policies, create custom workflows and audit the whole account easily.

Preview Files – No Need to Download

Within FileCloud, you can preview multiple types of files using built-in document preview option. This option lets you preview Word, Excel, PDF and many more file formats without downloading a single file.

Custom Branding

FileCloud showcases your brand in every way possible. Host your files on your FileCloud platform with your custom domain, colors, logo, portal image, fonts, email communications, and terms of service.

Organize Files in a Simple Manner

The simple file and folder structure helps you manage files. Drag-and-drop uploads, desktop editing, file locking, and unlimited file versioning make it easy to keep collaborative project files organized.

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FileCloud - A Secure Alternative

Cloud file sharing has been popular in recent years for the ease of use. However, significant security, privacy, and data sovereignty concerns have illuminated some of the issues with public cloud platforms like Dropbox. To start with, using these public cloud services often means ceding control over your data, which makes you dependent on third-party infrastructure and security. For highly-regulated industries like banking and finance, defense, and healthcare, these public clouds may also not be compliant with regulations with data residency or control requirements.

To share files faster, free of errors, and without compromising security or compliance, FileCloud is the ideal option. You can self-host on infrastructure (behind your firewalls) or have us host your data in a server region of your choice.

Check out a detailed comparison between FileCloud and Dropbox.

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, ownCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

High ROI & Low TCO with FileCloud

FileCloud offers high ROI and low TCO (total cost of ownership). Only pay for users who are part of your organization with unlimited free external accounts. You also have access to unlimited APIs, as well as professional support and Professional Services.

FileCloud is a hyper-secure, compliance-friendly and feature-rich alternative to competing solutions.

"We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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