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Online File Sharing Features

Fast & Secure Online File Sharing

Online file sharing through FileCloud is easy with hyper-security, digital rights management, and the ability to share large files with the click of a button.

Access Using Any Device

Everything in your FileCloud system can be accessed on-the-go from any device. FileCloud helps your team get and stay connected from anywhere in the globe, at any time.

Simple UX and Easy File Sharing Features

A recognizable UX with drag-and-drop, no-code workflows, and a share screen (with options like expiration dates, share links, and public/private sharing) make it so that any end user can begin sharing in minutes.

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FileCloud Makes Collaboration and Sharing Easy with One Simple Platform.

When it comes to online file sharing, enterprises can no longer rely on email for many reasons, including file limits, compliance requirements, and security. Now enterprises are turning to online file sharing tools to share and store their important files and data.

FileCloud makes online file sharing easy with a hyper-secure system that is still friendly and easy-to-understand for all end users.

Simple Sharing Options

FileCloud allows end users to begin sharing files immediately, with a simple and intuitive share screen.

Here, users can set expiration dates on shares, change permissions on who can view share (public and private), view share history, and even modify the way a share is sent (via email, link, or QR code).


With FileCloud’s DRM (or Digital Rights Management) enterprises can take share security a step further by restricting actions like screenshotting, printing, watermarks, and expiration dates on shares.

Shares can also be revoked after being sent and restricted based on geo-IP.

You can also augment your share security by using FileCloud’s Zero Trust File Sharing® which allows you to maintain full control over your data simply by adding a password to a zip folder. Passwords are never stored within FileCloud, so even in the event of a breach, you’ll retain access over your data.


Collaboration is another reason that many begin to use online file sharing. With FileCloud you can do more than just interact with shares and files, you can also edit them in real-time, lock to prevent work duplication, and have unlimited versioning.

In addition, with FileCloud you’ll have access to:

Unlimited External Users

With FileCloud, you’ll have access to unlimited free external user accounts, so that you’ll be able to share your data and files with vendors, clients, and suppliers without having to buy any extra licenses.

Workflow Automation

Setting up automatic workflows is easy with FileCloud’s no-code, drag-and-drop workflow automation. Users can create workflows within minutes to automate tedious yet important tasks like email reminders, document review, and signoffs.

Team Folders

FileCloud’s Team Folders provide a single place where teams can store and work on files and data together. Admins will be able to have granular control over folders and subfolders, and new employees can easily be added to their team’s folders and get started working right away.

Secure Online File Sharing

FileCloud’s secure online file sharing provides public, private, and password protected file sharing with expiration date options. Admins can manage sub-folder level permissions.

Large File Sharing

With FileCloud, you can share files of any size with clients, partners and employees.

Powerful Administration Interface

FileCloud’s powerful admin features make easy to manage millions of files. For better insights admins can review usage trends, peak usage, geo data and more analytical indicators. Admin can also apply global policies, create custom workflows, and audit their whole FileCloud system.

Preview Files – No Need to Download

Within FileCloud, you can preview multiple types of files using the built-in document preview option without having to download anything.

Custom Branding

FileCloud showcases your brand in every way possible. Customize your FileCloud platform with a custom domain, colors, logo, portal image, fonts, email communications, and terms of service.

Organize Files in a Simple Manner

FileCloud’s simple file and folder structure helps you manage files. Drag-and-drop uploads, desktop editing, file locking, and unlimited file versioning make it easy to keep collaborative project files organized.

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FileCloud - A Secure Alternative

Online file sharing has been popular in recent years for the ease of use. However, significant security, privacy, and data sovereignty concerns have illuminated some of the issues with some online cloud platforms. To start with, using these public cloud services often means ceding control over your data, which makes you dependent on third-party infrastructure and security.For highly-regulated industries like banking and finance, defense, and healthcare, these public clouds may also not be compliant with regulations with data residency or control requirements.

To share files faster, free of errors, and without compromising security or compliance, FileCloud is the ideal option. You can self-host on infrastructure (behind your firewalls) or have us host your data in a server region of your choice.


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