The Undeniable Business Benefits of Unlimited Cloud Storage

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Unlimited Cloud Storage Business Advantages


One of the biggest reasons why unlimited cloud storage is so popular is its flexibility. You can access your files anywhere, anytime as long as you have a smart device. From numerous employees to a single user, everybody enjoys unlimited cloud storage.

Backups Made Easy

Unlimited cloud storage providers automatically scan your hard drive and search for content that needs to be backed up. Once you begin the process, the tool copies all the data to a remote data center.

Greater Employee Efficiency

Unlimited storage space in the cloud allows employees to be smarter and faster. Rather than work on a document and forward it to a colleague, cloud online storage providers facilitate a way for different teammates to work together on the same documentation.

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Cloud storage service providers that impose restrictions on storage space often require you to perform backup manually. This means you need to browse your file system and tag only the folders that you absolutely must back up. As a result, you end up deliberately foregoing or accidentally overlooking some content.

Cloud storage unlimited file size

There are many Cloud solutions providing unlimited storage space these days.

This means two or more workers can literally be on the same page at the same time, making changes in plain sight of one another, and including comments in real-time. This saves plenty of valuable time. These collaboration tools allow employees based in different locations to work in harmony.

Moreover, benefits of cloud storage is that admins have an easier time monitoring projects. Rather than tracking down someone involved with the project, office admins can just log into the work space to find more details about the progress, provide feedback, and approve the work.

FileCloud – The More Powerful Solution 

While other providers may offer unlimited space like FileCloud, they don’t come close to matching FileCloud’s ROI thanks to the innovative and intuitive features packed into our solutions. FileCloud offers a huge array of useful features including unlimited client/partner accounts that make secure file sharing a breeze. In addition to the on-prem and cloud solutions, FileCloud also offers Hybrid Cloud Storage.


No longer do backups hamper your work. Unlimited cloud storage simplifies the entire process through automation, so you no longer have to wait hours for your backups to finish. Just choose what you wish to backup and when you want to do it. The cloud environment will handle the rest.

Backups Are More Complete

As users have the rare opportunity to store everything in unlimited cloud storage, they can easily rebuild their hard drives if and when they crash. So, all your valuable documents, music files, financial data stays safe and sound. Sure, some files like system files are excluded from backup but the lion’s share of your office data stays safe and sound.


Unlimited cloud storage allows for vertical along with horizontal scaling. So, you are no longer compelled to pay for resources that you do not use. It is possible for users to scale their cloud hosting environment as per their requirements. Advantages of cloud storage is that it promotes a lot more flexibility along with a greater storage space. You are able to scale the cloud hosting environment whenever required. Plus, you are in charge of controlling the attributes of scaling the cloud.


Normally, when businesses use local file storage solutions, they are able to access the data from one location only. Advantages of cloud storage for business, however, is that it enables daily devices like your smartphone or desktop to serve as the access points. This means you can synchronize easily with any device as long as you have a working Internet connection.

Devote More Time to Business

FileCloud offers best unlimited cloud storage services that adopt an all-encompassing, automatic approach to data backup, which means you do not have to devote valuable time to creating a comprehensive backup plan. Moreover, once your new folders and files get added to the system, you can easily skip altering the backup plan. Business owners who have their hands full with work can use the extra time to build their brand, service clients, or develop new products for more business success.

Control Your Data

Administrators in FileCloud have control over data at all times. Features like remote wipe and Geo-IP access review ensures that data is protected even when it is accessed by a remote device. Comprehensive audit logs and custom reports provide at a glance monitoring for user and file activity. Admins can also create user groups, adjust policies, set DLP rules, and create workflows.

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What Does Unlimited Cloud Storage Mean?

Unlimited cloud storage is exactly what it says – an unlimited amount of storage space in the cloud available to customers who choose unlimited cloud storage plans.

Now, most providers who boast such services come up short, and the ones that can do so with certain caveats attached. However, ever so often, clients stumble upon a secure cloud storage service that offers limitless space for keeping files, documents, audio and video safe.

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"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud and LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Who Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage?


These cloud storage providers do not place limits on the amount of raw data that can be stored. And it makes sense considering how vast the cloud is, and the infinite amount of data it can hold.

Some providers charge on a per-project basis while others allow you to avail the unlimited space with only a flat monthly fee. However, irrespective of the cost, private cloud storage rids you of any concerns you might have about running out of available space.

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“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb"

Unlimited Cloud Storage by FileCloud

Why FileCloud?

FileCloud offers unlimited cloud storage, along with top notch customization, selective sync, apps integration, security, advanced sharing, backup, mobility, and administrative capabilities.

DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon also offer unlimited storage with some caveats but with FileCloud you get much more.

You can also learn how to build your own cloud storage.

"FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution."


So, there you have it – a closer look at the business benefits of adopting unlimited cloud storage. It offers the most value to owners of small and mid-sized business.

Just perform unlimited cloud storage comparison and make sure the solution you pick offers automated protection of all your file types. It doesn’t get more user-friendly than this.

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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