Admin UI Updated with Intuitive Look and Feel

February 3, 2023

With the 22.1 release of FileCloud, admins can now leverage a streamlined UI to manage Team Folders, create shares, and adjust security.

Since the 22.1 version of FileCloud was released (November 2022), the Team Folders admin UI has been updated for a more streamlined and intuitive experience, mirroring the front-end UI that appears in the user portal. This change follows a pattern of similar changes updating elements of the Admin UI to improve ease-of-use and functionality.

These updates have improved the visual and user experience for the main dashboard, the users and groups management tab, and governance features. Now, all UI elements in the admin portal have been updated.

FileCloud Admin UI Update Streamlines Team Folders

The update to the admin UI in FileCloud resulted in minor changes, designed to refresh the overall look while maintaining the same functionality and behavior. Other changes involved entirely restructuring and redesigning existing elements. The Team Folders tab in the admin portal is a prime example - this UI has been simplified so it is more intuitive and appealing to use.

FileCloud Team Folders UI Old

Below, you can see the optimized Team Folders tab in the admin portal, which mirrors that of the user portal, creating a streamlined UI between the two.

FileCloud Team Folders 22.1 UI

Basic Team Folder Operations

The basic operations to create a “New Folder,” “Upload Folder,” and “Upload File” are now available from the blue drop-down button on the top right corner.

FileCloud Team Folder Operations Menu

Actions like “Delete,” “Copy,” and “Move” are available now in the “more options” (three-dot) button on the top right:

FileCloud Team Folders - More Options

Team Folder Actions

With the admin UI upgrade, Team Folder actions are not only limited to the “more options” menu on the top right. When you mouse over elements in the folder/file list, an action toolbar appears to make these options easily accessible.

Actions for Team Folders will appear when you mouse over a Team Folder. Actions include:

FileCloud Team Folders Actions

New Share Window

Sharing a Team Folder from the admin UI has also been updated to use the same sharing look and feel from the front-end UI:

FileCloud Team Folders Share UI Old

Sharing a Team Folder from the admin portal is easier than ever with the updated UI available with the 22.1 release.

FileCloud Team Folders Share 22.1 UI


Before this update, the Delete and Manage options would only show when you clicked on the “Misc” button; now, they show directly in the Sharing Permissions.

Manage Folder Security

Folder Permissions was the last element of the new UI to be updated. Although the change was minimal, the look and feel have been updated to match the rest of the user interface.

FileCloud Team Folders Security UI Old

Below, you can see the changes with the new UI after the 22.1 release:

FileCloud Team Folders Security 22.1 UI

Admin UI Update Conclusion

The 22.1 release from FileCloud included a variety of upgrades and new features that we’re excited to share with our community. Updating the admin portal to make it more streamlined is just one way that we’re striving to improve FileCloud. By optimizing the user and admin experiences, we aim to resolve technical pain points, improve productivity and collaboration, and make FileCloud a technology solution that is truly pleasant to use.

Curious about the other improvements FileCloud 22.1 introduced? Check out the release notes.

Interested in seeing FileCloud in action? You can schedule a demo on the FileCloud home page or sign up for a free trial.


Article written by Daniel Alarcon, Technical Support Manager

Edited by Katie Gerhardt, Junior Product Marketing Manager


By Katie Gerhardt

Jr. Product Marketing Manager