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FileCloud Cloud File Server

Local File Server

FileCloud Enterprise server for file sharing enables cloud sharing with the same ease of use and productivity of public file sharing solutions, while leveraging existing Active Directory and NTFS configurations to manage user authentication, privileges and access on your Windows network.

Security and Mobility

Access local file servers and applications on the go from mobile devices and remote locations for better collaboration. FileCloud ensures security and mobility with powerful sharing controls, file synchronization, data loss prevention, and easy access to file sharing servers.

Best File Sharing Server

FileCloud has a hybrid solution that connects on-prem file servers with the cloud, enabling a seamless sync experience with low latency. Enterprises can scale their FileCloud environment to meet the needs of employees, clients, and partners across local and global work sites.

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Features of FileCloud File Sharing Server

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  • Seamless sync, backup, and file sharing across devices and operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac).
  • Remote access to files using web browser, mobile apps, or desktop clients.
  • Centralized administration for user permissions and data visibility & control.
  • Powerful audit reports to monitor file usage.
  • Advanced security with AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS secure tunnels for file storage and transmission.
  • Site-specific, customer-managed encryption keys and multi-tenant configuration.
  • Enhanced productivity through integrations with Active Directory, MS Office & Outlook, Salesforce, and more
  • File locking to prevent two users from making changes at same time.
  • Unlimited file versioning to preserve files in various states of change, enabling a complete audit trail of file changes.
  • Automated notification system to enhance data visibility and awareness around file changes.

Check out more FileCloud features on our tour page.

Local Cloud Provides Offline Access

FileCloud’s on-premises and desktop client solutions allow fast access to files, even if the internet is unavailable. Teams can access large files from anywhere to execute daily tasks. Files can be accessed across the web, via desktop sync client, mobile apps, and WebDAV.

Powerful Online File Sharing

FileCloud provides powerful file sharing to enable team collaboration. FileCloud’s cloud file sharing server sets up a unified method for sharing files across remote and global distributed sites. Users with admin rights can set permissions (read, write, delete, share) across folders and sub-folders, granting access to teams or individual people.

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Integration With Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office

FileCloud’s file sharing solution integrates with Windows file servers and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to synchronize user accounts and groups, saving time in creating and managing users. FileCloud users can improve organizational workflows by utilizing integrations with Microsoft applications and other third-party software.

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Custom Branding

While sharing files with internal teams or external partners or clients, many enterprises want to reinforce their corporate identity to keep their brand name in the front. FileCloud provides many options for custom branding. Upload your corporate logo and graphics to login portals, change color schemes and themes, and customize the look and feel of the entire interface by uploading custom CSS files. Moreover, you can run FileCloud under your own business domain.

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Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders as public or private shares. Edit files or upload new versions without changing the original link.

Control File Access

Audit logs and reports track which files have been accessed or downloaded and by whom. Control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Preview Files without Downloading

Send large files securely to recipients, who can be immediately preview the files on any device. There’s no need to register for an account or download additional software.

Centralized File Management

Upload files for immediate access and collaboration, protected by granular access permissions and sharing controls: file notifications, data leak prevention, retention policies, and more!

Encrypted team folders

FileCloud enables secure file and folder sharing within a collaborative digital space in the environment, so teams can access, upload, modify, and share information.

Unlimited External Sharing

Extend secure access to external recipients, including clients, vendors, and collaborators, without adding to your license count at no extra cost.

Manage user rights & changes

Manage team folders with different user rights, track changes in files, and restore old versions as needed.

Work via FileCloud drive

With FileCloud, you can access and share billions of files – directly on your desktop in an incredibly easy way. This requires very little hard disk space.

Public and Private File Sharing

Files and folders can be shared publicly, via link, or privately, with FileCloud users. Apply password-protection, download limits, and expiration dates.

Fast LAN and Anywhere Cloud Access

Access large files quickly using your local LAN – at the same time get anywhere access from the cloud using FileCloud’s secure file exchange server.

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FileCloud Data Sharing Server

File Sharing Automation

Enterprises and government organizations are requiring secure file sharing, advanced workflows, and intelligent data governance features as part of day-to-day operations. With manual processes and fragmented IT applications, the risk for user error increases across operations; employees may upload the wrong folders, forget passwords, or accidentally delete folders.

FileCloud offers these critical functionalities and more to help organizations simplify their processes while protecting sensitive or confidential data:

  • Uploaded files and folders are scanned for viruses and granular permissions ensure users can only see and interact with the folders they need.
  • Admins can leverage Active Directory integration so users only need one set of login credentials.
  • Hierarchical retention policies ensure data is never lost or deleted.
  • Advanced workflow automation streamlines repetitive administrative or file sharing activities.

Central Administration & Reporting

FileCloud supports easy access and administration of cloud file sharing servers. An administrator has centralized authority to manage all user information on the file server, including share access, passwords, and file restrictions.

For instance, administrators can modify access rights, move files, and remove access for an employee who leaves the company. Access to files and file sharing abilities are based on permissions defined by the administrator, ensuring that employees, partners, and clients only see and access relevant files and folders.

FileCloud offers a wide range of reports to manage and monitor the usage of the overall account. Easily check storage utilization reports, audit reports, and full file sharing and transfer history on the server (uploads, downloads, deleted files, and folders).

Read more about FileCloud’s admin capabilities.


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