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Benefits of FileCloud Secure Document Sharing

Granular File Permissions

Authorization of a user based on their user group and role is supported by FileCloud. A user can be assigned to a particular group and a group policy the administrator defines. User roles can be defined with different permission levels. Granular folder and subfolder level permissions can also be defined.

Ransomware Protection

FileCloud has a heuristic file content scanning which is a technique that helps to catch viruses. The heuristic scanning engine supports checking for files for virus-like attributes. FileCloud enables the automatic anti-virus scanning of files when uploading is also supported by FileCloud.

Secure File Sharing Portal

Files can have different modes of secure sharing. These can be public sharing and private sharing. Files can be set to have expirations dates as well. Also, any global policies can be set as per the requirements of the organizations and the users.

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Secure Document Sharing Portal

How to achieve secure file sharing in the cloud with FileCloud?
FileCloud, a leader in secure on premise file sharing solutions, provides diverse aspects to safely share and manage files on the cloud. Offering robust security features, FileCloud ensures users can confidently store and handle their file content.
Self-Hosted File Cloud
You can control your own file sharing management with FileCloud by hosting it on AWS, AWS GovCloud, or Azure. You can find the available FileCloud images in the relevant marketplaces. This self-hosting allows you to have control over your own hosting infrastructure.

Active Directory Integration and NTFS Permissions
Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAP synchronization can be enabled for users and user groups to provide the organization desired permission levels. NTFS file permissions can be preserved while allowing remote file access with FileCloud secure file sharing.

Encryption at Rest and in Transit and High-Security Standards
While sharing files in the cloud with FileCloud, you can ensure that it is secured while transferring and storing files using FileCloud. Furthermore, FileCloud allows secure portal-based document sharing with FIPS-140, a high-security standard validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Anti-Virus Scanning
When you upload files to the secure document sharing portal, FileCloud, the files will be automatically scanned for viruses. ICAP (Internet Content Adoption Protocol) supported enterprise anti-virus integrations are also supported by FileCloud.

FileCloud ensures high security file sharing by providing SIEM (Enterprise Security Information and Event Management) integration for alerts and audits. These alerts offer detailed insights into system activities, tracking ‘who did what and when’, backed up by reliable audit logs. Audit logs contribute to comprehensive auditing, with custom reports generated as needed for total security. Granular controls over notifications mean that actions performed on any saved artifact in FileCloud can trigger alerts, bolstering the system’s high security file sharing capabilities.

Data Backup
To prevent data loss, FileCloud offers a “Backup Server” capability. This will back up your entire FileCloud installation, including all the files, user data, and all the settings in the FileCloud. This feature offers full or incremental backups and also scheduled backups. In case of any failure, you can restore the entire FileCloud installation. Also, the specialty of this backup method is that you are not vendor locked into FileCloud. You can export the files to a standard file structure. Data backup is crucial in HIPPA-compliant cloud storage as losing patient data is not an option.

User Authentication and Authorization
Single Sign-On (SSO) and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for authentication, as well as RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) for authorization. Single Sign-On can be enabled using multiple IDPs configured with FileCloud. MFA can enable more authentication protection where it will allow you to add additional steps of authentication for your file cloud.

Data Loss Prevention

A data leak may be tolerable, but data loss is permanent loss. Data loss may happen due to natural disasters, loss of backup servers or some unforeseen event. These events are impossible to predict and implementation of a multi-layered backup system is recommended.

FileCloud Data Loss Prevention

Hijack of Accounts

Hijackers these days are smart and can get into your personal data and interfere with your business processes. More than secure document sharing, you need processes, security compliant measures and features to regain control in case of any hijack event.

FileCloud Security

Security Compliances

FileCloud offers multiple data protection compliant solutions like HIPAA compliance, FINRA compliance and EU data residency. FileCloud enables enterprises to run their own HIPAA or FINRA compliant enterprise file share, sync, and endpoint backup solution.

FileCloud Compliance – Learn more

Data Backup Reliability

FileCloud offers an efficient and reliable data backup. FileCloud provides you with appropriate tools to protect data across all devices. Get auto Desktop and mobile backup, Unlimited File Versioning and deleted files recovery.

End point backup

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Problems with Regular non secure document Sharing

Consumer-grade file sharing might work in the home environment, but you need business-class solutions for your workplaces. Otherwise, you might expose yourself to both external and internal threats.

File sharing software created for personal use lacks two-factor authentication, provides minimal IT oversight, skips continuous backup and secure file sharing, and fails against malware and viruses.

No wonder companies are switching to business class file sharing. But what does that mean?

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"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud and LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Understanding Secure document Sharing Services

Secure file sharing is unlike commercial file sharing due to features such as ramped up security, IT compliance, and strong cloud backup.

The problem is, security in standalone systems is limited to a single function. But, a corporation has numerous systems running at the same time, which leaves some files in the workplace vulnerable to hackers and other malicious digital entities.

When you opt for an integrated system, however, it facilitates secure online file sharing and office communication, and you can rest easy knowing that your valuable information is safe.

“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb"

Secure document Sharing portal - Benefits

Right now, all signs indicate that cloud-based file sharing systems are among the toughest to crack. As a result, these solutions are gaining traction quickly. They provide increased data transfer speeds, allowing companies to complete tasks quickly.

File sharing lets them access important documents even when they aren’t physically present in the office, through mobile apps or websites. If that’s not all, these online file sharing secure services also provide greater control over office content.

They possess built-in security features, with various permission types, options, and settings to safeguard vital information and documents. Moreover, they enable users to eliminate past files so that external partners and employees always get to view the latest files along with the option of easily deleting or replacing files.

"FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution."

Secure file sharing with Clients and partners

Owing to the cloud, vital documents and files are easier to access and share with colleagues and collaborators. Anyone who uses the cloud network can share documents with others on the same cloud network. This means that not only can the files be shared in real-time but there should be no trouble accessing them for people on the same network.

One of the reasons why secure document sharing services in the cloud work so well is that they facilitate the easy recovery of lost files. Normally, the loss or corruption of a file is a cause for concern in the workplace. But there is no reason to panic if you are using the cloud. Not only can the service providers resolve any issues you might experience with lost or damaged files, but they can also save you valuable time.

Additional file tracking or reporting capabilities, capable alerting systems, and unlimited cloud storage space make cloud file sharing one of the best alternatives for a business that want secure document sharing without compromising on security.

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How to find the perfect File / Document Sharing Solution?

Many enterprise managers with responsibility to find a secure file share solution don’t have a clue where to start looking.

After all, there is no guarantee that the most popular platform in the industry will necessarily fit your company’s requirements. As a result, it all boils down to what features are present in the solution and how efficiently they help get the job done.

Ideally, the file-sharing platform for your business should provide offline access to cloud-hosted files and support multiple client management. It should company with industry regulatory bodies like SOX and HIPPA and offer business-class collaboration and security features. One of the best selection criteria for company file sharing services is the pricing model. Think of the value you get over time, and compare with the costs.

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