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Send documents securely with FileCloud

Secure data transfer

Filecloud offers maximum security for data transfer and sharing. FileCloud lets its user send file securely to the cloud and have easy access to the data through internet connected devices including mobile phones.

Multiple security layers

FileCloud uses the modern encryption technology for data protection such as AES 256-bit encryption, SSL/TLS secure tunnel. FileCloud consist of additional security practices such as Two factor authentication, Anti-virus scanning and Data loss prevention.

Share files without limit

FileCloud lets its users to send file securely to the cloud without worrying about the file size. FileCloud provides them with the flexibility to share and send files securely without any additional cost.

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With cyberthreats on the rise, Data security is the main cause of concern for the businesses. FileCloud comes equipped with security infrastructure which is capable of dealing with the data threats .With FileCloud, the users can send file securely and hassle free to the cloud.

FileCloud data protection service deals with the security customization feature in which users can decide what data to share with the client and which data needs to be private thereby providing users with flexibility in using the cloud .FileCloud gives its user the best features available :

  • Controlled File Access : FileCloud lets its user know which files are accessed or downloaded.The user can set control according to the requirement.
  • Data loss prevention: FileCloud monitors and fix data leakages and ensure the data is safe and secure.
  • Secure File transfer : FileCloud creates a secure link to share and send file securely to any user. The user can edit or change the document without having to change the original link.
  • No data limit : With FileCloud user can securely send files without worrying about the file size.
  • Reporting : FileCloud provides monitored reports for the usage of the account. Reports provide information regarding access audits, storage utilization and full usage history of the cloud services.

1- The end of local storage

With FileCloud it is possible to store all the information about the company virtually. With correct management of the technology, cryptography of your information and passwords, it is possible to discard physical storage devices, facilitating even the exchange of information between the users.

2- how to send big files with data protection to its best

Data protection with FileCloud makes it possible to configure which user will be able to access, alter and edit a certain document. It is also possible to secure classified information with client control. FileCloud offers a greater possibility of security in terms of technical development, maintenance, support and access to information than any other software in particular.

3- Reduction of storage costs

With Private and Public Clouds at FileCloud, it is possible to make a combination to build a Hybrid Cloud, with low cost of use. While in the Public Clouds it is possible, for example, to store the files that have more access to the personnel of the company and in the Private one, the most confidential information.

4- Ease in the sharing of information

To facilitate the life of companies and their collaborators, when the data is concentrated and accessible on the Internet, it is easier to change information and file updates in real time, to which people will have access even if they are physically in different locations.

Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders to any user. You can even edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link.

Control file access

Always know when your files have been accessed or downloaded. You can also control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Preview files without downloading

When you send large files with secure share network, they can be immediately previewed on any device. This requires neither the registration nor the download of additional software.

Save everything centrally

Set up folders and share them immediately. Control each user’s accessibility with seven different permissions, including View or Upload Only.

Work in encrypted team folders

FileCloud secure share helps you share business files and folders with your team and choose who can check, add, alter, or see the information.

Secure share with clients & partners

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection and download limits.

Work via FileCloud drive

With FileCloud, you can access and share billions of files – directly on your desktop in an incredibly easy way. This requires very little hard disk space.

Easily share workspaces with ease

Right-click a folder to share it directly or open it with FileCloud, and invite your team to view, edit, upload and share business files. This turns files and folders into shared workstations.

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FileCloud offers Secure File sharing for Business

With FileCloud , Data can be securely shared or transferred to the cloud. Data being the most important component for the businesses needs to be protected. FileCloud provides the complete solution for secure file sharing to the cloud for the users. Users can decide which data needs to be shared publicly and which data needs to be protected. The users are given flexibility for their usage as per their wishes.

You can easily manage large set of files easily with FileCloud. Share and access using any device. FileCloud offers on-premise solution or cloud-based EFSS solution that enables you to share and sync very large files with no size limit across multiple devices.

FileCloud simplifies team collaboration and improves productivity while ensuring enterprise grade security and many more features. FileCloud offers secure file sharing for business

Send large files

“We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly.”

Password Protected Links

You can also secure a link with password-protect feature. You can also set a date for the link to expire. If you want to allow recipients to have the ability to edit the shared files, simply invite them to shared folder with the files inside.

FileCloud offers the possibility of sharing images, videos, text files, spreadsheets and even powerpoint presentations that you can create and modify collaboratively, with whom you decide and to whom you grant the permission. This optimizes times and facilitates the construction of ideas and documents among your employees and collaborators.

Regardless if there are files shared through FileCloud or files shared as a link via email, chat or SMS, you can keep up the security and share them with anyone, allowing them to modify the content or just observe them. This is an evolution of the cloud sharing platform since the file is not being displaced as time passes.

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“FileCloud is an easy to use solution and met all our data residency requirements.”

Data security and high ROI

FileCloud offers Data Security during  file sharing: During external sharing, confidential Data can get leaked and for that data security becomes essential. FileCloud always strive to provide its user with top notch security encryption for their data .With FileCloud the user can send file securely to the cloud without worrying about the data leaks and data theft.

FileCloud offers high Return on investment: FileCloud offers its customer with services that are secure, provide flexibility of usage to the users, can be remotely accessed through internet connected devices. Considering all the features, FileCloud is affordable yet powerful cloud service solution.

Secure Document Sharing

“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”


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