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Apr 2021

FileCloud Server: Recent and Coming Updates

Here’s an update on what’s new with FileCloud. In May, we’ll be releasing FileCloud Server 21.1. Some highlights of upcoming features include role-based access control and a new Drive UI
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Mar 2021

FileCloud Server 20.3 Release Updates

In February, we provided an overview of some of the major updates that came with version 20.3. Here’s more of what this update has to offer
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Feb 2021

What’s New with FileCloud Server 20.3 Release

We went live with our most recent release, FileCloud Version 20.3, which added tons of quality of life enhancements for your convenience. A few of the biggest ones include OCR Support, the introduction of metadata color tagging and filtering, TLS 1.3 support, ICAP DLP support, and color themes!
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Jan 2021

FileCloud Connects in 2021

Despite its unique challenges, 2020 was a productive and fruitful year for FileCloud. As we look forward to the new year, we wanted to highlight the improvements that we are most proud of. Here is a list of what we accomplished last year.
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Dec 2020

FileCloud’s Customization and Branding Capabilities

FileCloud offers the unparalleled branding capabilities that your organization deserves. All of the following are available to all plans including the Standard edition. In addition, custom branding of mobile and desktop apps is available to Enterprise edition
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Nov 2020

ITAR Compliant File Sharing and Transfer

OIn today’s digital age, many companies are required to meet certain regulations, one of which is ITAR Compliance. FileCloud provides all the necessary tools for your organization to stay fully compliant with ITAR and prevent compliance breaches which can lead to hefty civil penalties.
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Oct 2020

FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Mobile Update

Our previous newsletters covered FileCloud 20.2 (Aurora) updates, where we introduced revolutionary new UI elements for FileCloud such as dark themes, additional mouseover functionality and more descriptive labels and tooltips. We received tons of feedback and a great response from our customers, and so today, we’re thrilled to show you the UI updates for our Sync and Mobile clients in their brand new look.
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Sep 2020

Digital Rights Management(DRM) Support In FileCloud 20.2

FileCloud DRM protects important, sensitive business documents against intellectual property theft, piracy and leakage. This security travels with your files wherever they go, protecting them with AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times.
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Aug 2020

FileCloud Aurora 20.2

FileCloud has been given a makeover! We’ve built a new, elegant user experience for the best file sharing solution on the planet. Today we’re proud to present FileCloud Aurora, an electrifyingly fast version of FileCloud with a smart, streamlined interface.
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Jul 2020

Data Governance in FileCloud

In an age of constant technological advancement, there are few things more important than you — and your organization’s — data. One misstep, and you could be facing leaks, breaches, and millions in compliance fines. That’s why we aim to ensure your venture into data governance is quick, easy, and painless. Here’s how you can ensure that your data is consistent, trustworthy and doesn’t get misused while keeping it safe
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Jun 2020

FileCloud Mobile Apps

Regardless of where you are, FileCloud has you covered with our mobile apps that give you clean and powerful user experience.FileCloud’s mobile app provides anywhere, anytime access to your data. Our clean, robust file management system lets you navigate your files and folders easily, and supports download and offline-access of your data.
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May 2020

FileCloud 20.1 Update

With Microsoft Office tag support, expanded notification configuration and much more, our 20.1 update is brimming with quality of life features! Read on for a little more detail about what we’ve done to take your file-sharing experience to the next level.
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Apr 2020

FileCloud Remote Access without VPN

With the increasing shift to working from home worldwide, maximize your FileCloud’s installation value by providing a seamless and secure, remote access to your file servers from anywhere.
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Mar 2020

FileCloud Team Folders and Covid Response

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation. CodeLathe has been operational for over a decade and our unwavering commitment to our customers has enabled us to keep our software products and services up and running through multiple social and economic challenges.
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Feb 2020

FileCloud 19.3 Recap

There were amazing features released in FileCloud 19.3 that you definitely need to check out: Improved security for password protected shares to prevent brute force attacks. Brand new modern user interface for the FileCloud Drive app which is available in Windows and macOS. With the new FileCloud Community Edition, organizations and companies can now try out enterprise-grade cloud storage and file management for just $10 per year, with all proceeds going to charity.
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Jan 2020

2019 Highlights and Community Edition

FileCloud Community Edition brings powerful file sharing and sync tools to individuals and small teams. Once again, we won the Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice 2019 – Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP). We really appreciate your help in making this happen by providing customer reviews!
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