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“FileCloud’s functionality, ease of use, affordability, and world-class support makes it the best solution for file sharing.” – Donald Austin, Executive Director


Enterprises in China, Singapore, and other regions of Asia want to move to smarter, higher performing digital business, just like their counterparts elsewhere in the world. ONE Pacific offers them a panoply of cloud solutions to help jump-start business performance and take them to the next level in ecommerce, retail, distribution, and customer management. As the number one cloud services provider in Hong Kong, ONE Pacific is at the intersection of business excellence and cloud technology. When the company wanted to offer top-quality, yet highly affordable file sharing and syncing to its clients, FileCloud was a natural choice.

Helping Asian Companies from Startups to Multinationals

ONE Pacific tailors its cloud solutions for each individual client. The first task of One Pacific’s experienced team is to understand the unique business model of the customer thoroughly. Then, the team helps them digitize and streamline their operations to boost their speed, revenues, and efficiency. Cost-effective file sharing and syncing is a key part of the process. Businesses in Asia want to share files, especially large files with business process diagrams, marketing material, and other multimedia. The right solution is critical for enabling enterprises to grow in strength and size, while being easy to adapt to each specific customer need.


Meeting the Challenge of a Fragmented Market

Donald Austin, executive director of ONE Pacific says, “With its diverse cultures and countries, Asia is still a fragmented market. We needed a way for customers to easily share their files and collaborate, yet with the right level of security.” Asia is still catching up with other markets like the US in its adoption of cloud solutions. Sophistication is growing, but for lack of a better solution, many Asian companies have been using local file servers and sending files back and forth using email. This ‘lowest common denominator’ approach is limited in performance, flexibility, and security. Other products or services being used have included Box and Microsoft OneDrive, although others such as Dropbox are not currently available in China.

From Internal FileCloud Use to External Sales

The advantages of FileCloud were immediately obvious to ONE Pacific. Donald Austin lists the two big ‘selling points’ of FileCloud as the robust, easy-to-use security features and the very affordable pricing. ONE Pacific initially used FileCloud internally to meet its own needs, then extended the file sharing to work with partners and customers. FileCloud has since became an important part of the cloud solution set for ONE Pacific, with the company reselling FileCloud as a service to its market. The next step for ONE Pacific is to use the FileCloud application programming interface (API) to integrate with NetSuite, the integrated cloud business software suite also offered by ONE Pacific.

Granular, Flexible, User Friendly, and Future-Proofed

ONE Pacific customers can now get the benefits of file sharing and syncing with the power of services like Box or Dropbox, but at a fraction of the cost. Donald Austin even rates FileCloud much easier to manage for sharing and user access than Dropbox. Permission levels can be fine-tuned to give customers just what they need, while the API makes it easy and efficient to inter-operate with other systems, now and into the future. The FileCloud customization and white label feature also makes it a snap for service providers like ONE Pacific to put their own name and logo on the FileCloud technology, reinforcing and developing their own brand.


Why FileCloud is the best solution for file sharing?

Whether you want a cloud solution for internal file sharing and syncing, for collaboration with partners and clients, or for resale to your market, FileCloud offers you an excellent and comprehensive solution. You can go ahead with a straightforward integration with your existing systems, full file backup features, recovery features, and automatic file versioning. Data compliance is also part of FileCloud, with immediate access to audit information, activity logs, and connected device inventories. Whether your user base is measured in tens of people or millions, FileCloud is a thoroughly cost-effective, scalable file sharing and syncing solution that beats the competition across the board.

Try FileCloud Now

FileCloud’s extensive functionality, ease of use, affordability, and world-class support makes it the solution for file share, sync, and mobile access already adopted by enterprises and organizations around the world. You too can benefit from FileCloud and its industry-leading quality and performance today! Contact us at FileCloud now and take advantage of our free 14-day trial to see what FileCloud can do for your business. Try for free now


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