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“Offers complete control over access and real-time visibility on user activities”

A mid-sized pharma company

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A pharmaceutical company needed a solution for sharing highly confidential data such as trial results, patient data, test results and lab data. They were seeking a solution for managers, researchers, field sales teams, healthcare providers to collaborate securely. The system needs to connect multiple offices across the globe with disbursed teams, making them feel like they were working from one location.

Key Requirements:
  • Control of data. Data remains on-premises
  • Secure access for employees within the corporate network
  • Automatic file versioning when documents are edited
  • Data backup ensuring protection of critical data

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Traditional methods of sharing files such as email, and public cloud services have security holes, and are at risk of violating compliance and FDA regulations. FileCloud offers a safe way to share specific folders and files of any size. None of the private clouds that they evaluated offered the controls that FileCloud provides.

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FileCloud provides health care companies complete control over folder access and real-time visibility on all user activities. Administrators can add or deactivate user accounts and easily assign and revoke permissions on any folder. FileCloud also provides administrators with a rich set of features to monitor file sharing and history. Employees don’t always have online access to their files, but saving critical company data such as lab results on personal laptops or mobile devices can lead to serious security issues. FileCloud addresses the access and sharing needs through its sync and drive solutions.


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