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FileCloud Case Study – File Sharing and Sync for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

“we now have secure access to our files, from internet enabled devices, anywhere in the world.” -Edo, Regional IT Manager


EHPC (Europe Hotels Private Collection) is an upcoming independent hotel management company, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The firm distinguishes itself from others in the same category by the unique destinations and hotel experiences it offers guests. Several of its lifestyle and boutique hotels are located in the Amsterdam city center. However, its network of managed establishments also extends as far as Antwerp in the neighboring country of Belgium. With additional new hotel and restaurant development projects also underway, EHPC relies on good communication and collaboration between all members of its staff, no matter which location they are working in.

Essential Hotel Management Information Flows

Information on EHPC’s management actions and processes needs to be provided to managers, employees and the hotel owners themselves to keep everybody properly informed. Bringing business partners and suppliers into the circle of communications is a priority too to optimize professional relationships and project progress. Documents and files to be shared and synchronized include:

  • Statistics and status bulletins for daily management and administration
  • Sales and revenue reports from the different hotels and for EHPC as a whole
  • Accounting and purchasing records, including interim and yearly financial statements
  • Employee records, staff training manuals, hotel procedures, policies and processes
  • Marketing and promotional plans including past and future revisions
  • Project and business plans for development of the collection of hotels to be managed


Standardization, Quality, Functionality and Ease of Use

With distributed operations expanding from its Amsterdam headquarters, EHPC could see that suitable file sharing and synchronization was going to be essential. The individual charm and variety of its hotels was a key marketing differentiator. However, to optimize internal efficiency, in-house exchanges needed to be done using a common platform. In addition to this, EHPC’s objectives were to keep its information on its own file servers rather than in a cloud-based database; and to ensure that the solution chosen would scale easily as new projects came into operation. Ease of use for both tech-savvy and non-technical personnel, proprietors and partners was a further priority.


File Sharing or Remote Access?

EHPC already had experience of a file sharing solution using the public cloud service provider Dropbox. The drawback was that EHPC’s data would have had to live in the cloud. So EHPC defined a goal: to find another provider that was as good or better, but offering private file sharing using EHPC’s servers and at a lower cost. The firm also looked at remote access technology from Microsoft as a means of working remotely with files and data. However, this solution with its centralized management still did not give EHPC the easy file sharing and synchronization it wanted both locally and centrally.Helping EHPC to Expand Into Europe

EHPC is now making full use of FileCloud to make authorized access to its files available from internet enabled devices and independently of physical location. An immediate benefit is that the firm can now securely share documents with partners and suppliers directly from its file servers, which eliminates any concerns about document ownership. As managers and hotel workers move around, from hotel to hotel or even country to country, they can continue to work with files available from the central servers. The previous solution of attaching documents to emails, often cumbersome and sometimes impossible, has been replaced by one that is significantly more productive. And as a further bonus, FileCloud also offers EHPC an excellent price-performance ratio, making its robust, high-performance functionality very affordable.

Businesses Do Better with FileCloud

As EHPC expands to bring new hotels and their owners into its group and as the number of employees increases, FileCloud will keep up too. The FileCloud solution can be used from tens of users to millions, each user benefitting from the same excellence in files sharing and synchronization functionality, performance and reliability. Other businesses will also appreciate the smart, easy to use tools built into FileCloud from the start. Examples are automatic file backup and versioning, and the ability for administrators to erase data remotely from mobile computing devices in the event of loss or theft of the device. The comprehensive functionality in FileCloud already helps many companies today to run their operations more efficiently and satisfy their own customers better.

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