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FileCloud Case Study – File Sharing and Sync for Real Estate Developers

“FileCloud fits our needs perfectly.” -Donahoe, IT Manager


As a nationwide developer of construction projects, Continental Real Estate looks after real estate developments from start to finish. The company manages acquisitions, construction, leasing and sales in a results-focused life cycle approach. Lifestyle, grocery-anchored shopping centers, power, student housing, offices, hotels and theatres are just some of the different real estate environments in which it operates. Continental is proof that paying attention to location, location and location – ‘the three most important things in real estate’ – is the way to property project success. However, efficient, reliable file sharing and syncing also plays a key role in its achievements. From Opportunity to Results with Development Teams and Partners As a multidisciplinary development company, Continental works with partners who share their standards of quality and aspirations for results. Windows of opportunities need to be managed and exploited correctly. A developer may work with many partners at different steps of each project, including architects, urban planners, surveyors, engineers, contractors, inspectors, leasing agents and others. Bringing together the right people and resources is the start. Progress then depends on being able to get information to those who need it, when they need it.


The Need to Access Building Documentation and DataEach development team needs to have timely access to up to date files to make sure that the multi-million dollar developments come in on time and on budget. The list of documents is long and varied: site surveys and maps, plans, layouts, building code information, bid invitations and proposals, status reports, change orders, certificates of completion and invoices are just some examples. Many files such as design documents are too voluminous to attach to emails. In addition, for reasons of uniformity and confidentiality, many documents should only be made available under secure conditions that prevent information being casually transferred from one email inbox to another. Finding the Right File Sharing/Synchronization Solution To meet these needs, Continental wanted a file sharing and synchronization solution for both its internal needs and its information exchanges with third parties. The goal was a cloud-like solution that also gave the company the right levels and flexibility of security and control. David Donahoe, IT Support Manager for Continental, began looking for a suitable software product at an affordable price. FileCloud was one candidate, but so were other software products. File sharing features and functionalities were compared one by one to filter out the applications that failed to satisfy and home in on the few that remained.


Out of the different applications and cloud-based services on offer, FileCloud was the winner. The software began by positively differentiating itself during the evaluation period through its intuitive use and adaptable administration settings. Trials then proved FileCloud brought together all the functionality and usability that were important to Continental in a way that competitors could not match. As Donahoe now says, “FileCloud fits our needs perfectly.”. Security and Mobility for On-Site Project Workers Thanks to the mobile client and web interfaces of FileCloud, Continental can keep project teams well-documented whether they are in the office or out on site. At the same time, the company has the assurance of robust security features designed into the application. It can monitor downloads of data, set user permissions and be automatically alerted in case of any suspicious behavior. If smartphones or tablets are lost or stolen, or simply if a partner ceases to be a member of the development team, the FileCloud remote wipe capability lets Continental remotely remove its company data from devices concerned. Whether you want a private cloud solution for internal file sharing only or you need to manage document access for third parties too, FileCloud has the functionality for you in each case. With cost-efficiency and features that outstrip other vendors, you also get the flexibility to grow your user base from just tens up to millions. Integration with your existing access control systems, automatic file versioning, and full file backup and recovery facilities are all part of the solution. Audit, activity logs and connected device inventories are also immediately accessible for data compliance needs. You can benefit from FileCloud and its industry-leading quality and performance today! Take FileCloud product tour and learn why FileCloud is a better alternative to Dropbox for real estate developers, and outperforms Egnyte, ownCloud, and others. Contact us now and try FileCloud on your own server for 14 days without paying a cent!


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