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“FileCloud had all the features we needed and was easier to setup and maintain.”

-Sam, I.T. Manager

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Founded in 1999, ECi is a midsized company of over four hundred employees based in Fort Worth, Texas. ECi Software Solutions offers ERP business software, e-commerce software, and dealer management systems tailored for specific industries. ECi offers innovative solutions for small to medium firms’ to succeed in competitive industries and against the Big Box enterprises.

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The primary requirement of ECi Software Solutions was the exchange of data with their customers. As the work of ECi involves a lot of communication and sharing of data, they were in need of a secure way to perform this task. Due to the nature of their work, it was imperative that the data remain in house and did not go through third party data servers. In addition to that, ECi required total control over the files being shared and set expiration dates. An admin functionality of monitoring the use of the data was also required.

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ECi tested Dropbox and ownCloud before moving on to FileCloud by Tonido. FileCloud was so easy to setup and use. FileCloud has desktop and mobile clients, which allow sharing and syncing of files through the browser, desktop, mobile or tablets. With FileCloud, all the data of ECi, stays on premises. FileCloud is highly customizable; it allows full control over your shared files. The admin can monitor the activity of all users, and remotely control their access. The admin can also issue a remote wipe of mobile devices if required. In general, FileCloud provides powerful admin features, which helps in keeping the data secure.


  • Best cloud solution – access through browser, desktop, mobile or tablet with sync abilities
  • Secure Access for employees and clients within the network for data integrity
  • On Premises solution – Keep confidential data in-house
  • Admin access to all activities of users
  • Remote wipe of mobile devices and revoke access to users
  • Data backup ensuring protection of confidential data
  • Version control so that all documents and stored data is accurate and current, but old versions can also be accessed
  • File Cloud customers save over savings of over 70% against competitor solutions


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