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“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”

Illustration Need Icon Need

For the past year the director of the IT services at a large university had been seeking a file sharing solution that would help students, athletes, coaches, and staff to share files and training videos among themselves and with people outside of the university.

Key Requirements:
  • Store large training videos and share with athletes and coaches
  • Large storage at affordable price
  • On-premises cloud to protect intellectual Property and prevent IP getting to public cloud
  • Mobile apps to support BYOD (bring your own device)
  • Granular controls to provide various levels of permission

Illustration Challenge Icon Challenge

The Director of IT Services knew that he needed a simple and secure file sharing solution that would provide a greater level of control and have auditing capabilities for his administrators.

Also, he needed a system that could store large media files at a reasonable cost. After extensive research his team concluded that public cloud solutions are expensive and come with draconian storage limits. Furthermore they provide minimal auditing and monitoring capabilities.

Illustration Solution Icon Solution

They tried FileCloud for 15 days before deciding that Tonido FileCloud was the best solution for the university. First, they rolled it out to a few students and staff as a trial.

The trial users absolutely loved FileCloud’s mobile apps and flexibility of a private cloud. Over the next month, they migrated all of their users to FileCloud. The data migration from their existing cloud solution to FileCloud was simple and took less than a week. Ever since the implementation, the team has received a lot of positive feedback.

Now they can store an unlimited number of training videos, photos and documents in their own storage without worrying about storage limits and expensive pricing. The university is currently trying FileCloud for a large scale implementation across the entire campus.


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