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“We picked FileCloud based on features, cost, the excellent support we received.”

-Eric, Information Technology Manager


As a fast-growing advertising agency, HY Connect already knows about the key roles of links and communications. “We’re in the connection business” is how the firm sums up its own role. It works with its clients to ‘connect’ them with their target audiences at the right time and in the right place. From offices in Chicago and Milwaukee in the United States, HY Connect employees work with their client counterparts to provide a comprehensive range of advertising and related services. Information in electronic file format is exchanged continually between the advertising agency and the advertisers as projects are initiated, developed, revised and launched.

High Volume Information Exchange

Businesses are increasingly being driven by information, but many of them have a long way to go to catch up with HY Connect. The kinds of high volume data flows between HY Connect and client-side Chief Marketing Officers and their teams include:

  • Digital creations for mobile and web development, design and brand identity
  • Video and other mixed media content production
  • Database marketing files, market research data and analytics, web analytics, data analysis and modeling
  • Public relations, social media content, events and trade show planning and design


The Need for Excellent File Sharing and Synchronization

With these high levels of data transfer and exchange, HY Connect wanted to put in place a solution for file sharing and synchronization that would serve both its employees and clients. That meant that web access was mandatory. However, the system also had to remain under the control and within the security perimeter of HY Connect. The company already used Active Directory from Microsoft for authorizing user access. It wanted to continue down this road with as little upheaval as possible.

Finally, a privately controlled solution would also let HY Connect better manage storage costs – an important factor, given the large sizes of graphics and video files to be shared and synchronized.


HY Connect Chooses FileCloud for the Best Features-Price Ratio and Support

FileCloud brought HY Connect everything they wanted above, and more. Ed Sindic, Information Technology Manager for HT Connect in Milwaukee, explains that although he looked at alternatives including FileLocker, ownCloud and Dropbox Business, FileCloud remained the solution of choice in all areas. Employees can now easily send large files as a unique URL link, be notified when a colleague or client has downloaded a file, and even specify how long the link is to be active. The automatic versioning, backup and recovery facilities in FileCloud keep files organized and protected. And on top of all that, experiencing FileCloud’s legendary support at first hand gave Sindic and HY Connect even more confidence that they were picking the right technology partner.

Robust Security is a Snap Too while Branding Provides Extra Confidence

FileCloud has provided instant anywhere file access for HY Connect from day one. There were no organizational changes to be made, no data to be moved and no permissions to be reconfigured. Interworking with HY Connect’s existing permissions NTFS in its Active Directory installation was immediate. Now the company can use shared permission-based folders and efficiently manage secure access for both employees and customers. Ed Sindic also points to the possibility to brand FileCloud as a big plus. External clients seeing the HY Connect logo on the service when they connected knew right away they were dealing with a company they trusted.

Let FileCloud Help You Get Ahead in Business Today

Smart advertising agencies are often demanding customers themselves. They expect the same high levels of professionalism and results from their vendors as the ones they offer to their own clients. HY Connect’s selection of FileCloud is therefore doubly gratifying. But satisfied, productive FileCloud users exist in many other industry sectors too, including banking, power utilities, national government, technology, hospitality and not for profit associations. FileCloud’s winning combination of ease of integration and use, with robust security and comprehensive administration functions is directly aligned with business needs. Advantageous and highly affordable pricing makes the whole FileCloud solution even better. To find out for yourself and see how fast FileCloud could be working to help you do better business, call us at FileCloud now. Take advantage of a free 14-day trial so that you can experience the FileCloud advantages that are already helping many other businesses today.


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