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“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set and the responsive support.”

– Jimmy, Senior System Engineer


Stewart Information Services Corporation is a global title insurance and real estate services company offering products and services in the U.S. and abroad through its direct operations, network of approved agencies and other companies within the Stewart family. Information integrity and availability is essential to Stewart Title: the company’s business is in protecting property owners and lenders against the risks implicit in real estate titles. Covering both residential and commercial property transactions, Stewart Title provides title insurance services to owners, buyers, lenders, and lawyers. Files used to define and issue insurance policies must remain confidential, yet easily available to authorized parties.

Increased Efficiency and Lower Costs for Customers through Technology

Stewart Title works with a network of thousands of legal professionals. The company is the underwriter of most of the title insurance policies required by these professionals. As well as being title insurance experts, the company also makes the most of opportunities to facilitate property transactions through innovative technology. Its lawyer customers are then better able to provide legal counsel to their own clients and prepare the necessary documents. Part of the company’s competitive advantage is its technological advance, which is also built into its brand image.


The Search for Smarter, Easier File Transfer, Syncing, and Sharing

The search was on for Stewart Title to find a secure file syncing and sharing solution, in a way that would also suit non-technical users among their different customers. Email transfers were unsuitable for larger or sensitive files. In addition, operational efficiency was paramount with large number of correspondents to be served. FileCloud was one of the solutions tested by Stewart Title and turned out to be the one that best met the company’s requirements.


FileCloud Encryption, Ease of Use and Installation

FileCloud offers users the highest levels of information security. File encryption is available both at rest (DARE – data at rest encryption) and in transit. FileCloud uses advanced solutions in each case, with 256-bit AES encryption for file storage at rest, and secure SSL tunnel transmission for files in transit. For complete control and protection of property title insurance information, two-factor authentication is also part of the FileCloud security features. Stewart Title can use FileCloud capabilities to offer its users multiple ways to access data securely, including mobile apps, Microsoft Outlook add-ons, remote drive, syncing, and web access.

FileCloud Branding and Support

The white label feature of FileCloud lets Stewart Title put its own brand on the file service it now offers its customers. Owners, buyers, lenders and lawyers see the FileCloud ease of use as a Stewart Title advantage, as they access their files on the FileCloud server in the same way they would access local files on their PCs. Meanwhile, the FileCloud administrator portal offers the Stewart Title IT team simple, powerful administration to manage users, accounts, and storage quotas. In addition, “the (FileCloud) support team has been great…quick response, very knowledgeable and proactive,” according to Jimmy Ivey, Application Systems Engineer Senior with the Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Syncing and File Backup

Better still, with FileCloud, Stewart Title can synchronize files across computers, tablets, and smartphones. Any of Stewart Title’s customers who have used public services like Dropbox and can now find the same user-friendliness and ease of use from FileCloud, under the Stewart Title brand, but now with added security and backup facilities. No matter whether property players are using iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows connectivity, the FileCloud service handles it all. Secure backup and restore of files is assured across all platforms and devices.

The Future is FileCloud

For the Stewart Title Guaranty Company, FileCloud has amply confirmed the wisdom of the company’s choice of an Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution. Since taking the decision, the company has not looked back at any of the alternative products considered. The key reasons to select FileCloud are as valid today as they were during the evaluation period. Jimmy Ivey emphasizes that both pricing and features were big attractions of the FileCloud solution, as was its ease of installation and management, and the possibility of branding (a big advantage in the eyes of Stewart Title management too.)

Let FileCloud Help You Get Ahead in Business Today

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