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“We chose FileCloud because of its seamless integration into our network drives and internal file servers.”

-Chris, IT Coordinator


Schlouch Incorporated is a leading commercial, public, and residential site preparation corporation, headquartered in Eastern Pennsylvania. Its business focuses on site preparation, concrete, paving, heavy earth moving, drainage, and blasting. Schlouch has 250 employees, and has been in business for 30 years.



Over 50 percent of Schlouch’s employees are mobile and need remote access to files. Among the significant challenges facing the employees was the need to take their laptops into the field to read and review files with clients. The employees wanted the ability to take smaller, more mobile devices, work sites and customer locations. With the implementation of FileCloud, Schlouch’s employees now have access to project files, change orders, and many other critical items on many different device types.


The IT department at Schlough was able to seamlessly integrate FileCloud into the company’s network drives. IT was able to synchronize groups via NTFS and give rights based on AD membership. Project managers now have access to all their files, and are able to bring up instantly any change orders a customer requests.

Before Schlouch selected FileCloud as its cloud solution the company, evaluated Dropbox & Google Drive. The primary reason the FileCloud won over its competitors was Schlouch did not want a second copy of the data available and FileCloud provided that capability. (Compare Dropbox vs FileCloud and learn why FileCloud is the leader among self-hosted alternatives to Dropbox).


  • Secure Access for employees within the corporate network for data integrity;
  • Data backup ensuring protection of company intellectual content;
  • Version control so that all documents and stored data is accurate and current;
  • Keep control of data within the corporate cloud instead of public cloud;
  • File Cloud customers save over savings of over 70 percent against competitor solutions.


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