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“With FileCloud we’re able to securely access our internal network shares from anywhere, while maintaining current NTFS permissions.” – Jeremy, Application Delivery Engineer
File Sharing for MSPs


Technology experts in their own right, the managers at Ideal Integrations Inc. were sure to be on the lookout for a best-in-class solution for their own file transfer requirements. Ideal Integrations, a premier computer network integration company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wanted a multi-tenant platform that it could use itself to send large files across the Internet. As the company’s publicity states, it blends expertise and cutting edge technology with the individual needs of its enterprise clients, so that they get the most out of their investment. Naturally enough, that was also exactly what they expected for themselves, when evaluating a file sync and share technology vendor.


Shared Folders for Faster Customer Interaction

One of the driving needs of Ideal Integrations was to setup a shared folder between the company and its clients in order to exchange documents with them without using email or having to setup a transfer session every time. Jeremy Jones, Application Delivery Engineer at Ideal Integrations, explains also that the company also wanted to “enable remote access to network shares, and provide cross-device synchronization.” Ideal Integrations is constantly working on a variety of services for its clientele, including networking design, virtualization, disaster recovery, business continuity, server infrastructure, security, wireless connectivity, cloud services, managed services, disaster recovery workspace, fiber connectivity, and voice over IP. Project files and proposals must flow smoothly to and from customers, without any friction that might discourage a customer from authorizing or progressing a project.

Essential Cross-Device Synchronization

The point of view of Ideal Integrations is that customer business requirements dictate the technology to be used, not vice versa. That means that the company will tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs by selecting the most appropriate platform. Customers may have a variety of end-user devices running on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Cross-device file synchronization is therefore critical too, if the company is to continue to serve its clients efficiently and effectively. Device synchronization was also important for the reduction of the number of backups and duplicate files on the network.


How FileCloud Wowed Ideal Integrations?

Besides meeting the different requirements of Ideal Integrations above (shared folders, cross-device synchronization, multitenancy), FileCloud technology made a very favorable impression on Jeremy Jones and his colleagues. The FileCloud administration dashboard provided comprehensive information in one easy to see snapshot. Ideal Integrations could immediately see status and license information, storage used, network folders, system alerts, system checks, and devices used for connection. Ideal Integrations also spotted the powerful tools that are built into FileCloud and that help make any integrator’s life significantly easier. FileCloud automation tools offer full command line and script-driven access automation, while RESTful HTTP APIs accelerate integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Expanding into Multi-tenancy and Beyond

Because FileCloud multi-tenancy also extends to multiple administrator profiles, Ideal Integrations can also partition out user bases to be managed by different administrators, each with the possibility of managing users, user groups, files, shared folders, file locking and devices connected to the system., Ideal Integrations can also run FileCloud as a managed service provider and set up multiple sites without have to boot up a server each time. In this case, it can also manage the different sites from one multi-tenant administration dashboard, setting storage quotas, user quotas, and the maximum number of users for each individual site. Finally, Ideal Integrations can also present FileCloud functionality under the Ideal Integrations brand, with its own logo, domain name, email messages, and look and feel.

FileCloud Integration with Third Party Apps

Trust a smart systems integrator like Ideal Integrations to pick a file sync and share technology with good third party integration too. FileCloud offers strong integration with well-known productivity programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Apple Keynote. Thanks to the API functionality (see above), Ideal Integrations can also easily integrate with other platforms running e-discovery, DRM, and analytics, to mention but a few. Integration with single-sign-on apps is also facilitated, for example Okta and OneLogin.How FileCloud Can Help You Today?

FileCloud is available for you too to offer customers your own high-quality, affordable file sharing and synchronization service. Deployments can range from a few users to millions, meaning that FileCloud will grow with your needs and the needs of your market. Contact FileCloud today to discuss your requirements and to try FileCloud for free on your own server for 14 days.


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