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“We chose FileCloud because of its ease of setup, price and we can use our own IT infrastructure.”
-Chris, Lead IS Engineer


Precyse Solutions provides advanced proprietary software and services to hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. The solutions provided by Precyse help organizations to effectively and efficiently capture, organize, secure and analyze clinical data and transform it into actionable information, supporting the delivery of quality patient care and optimizing operating performance.

Headquarter at Wayne, Pennsylvania, Precyse has more than a thousand employees and their flexible software can be delivered standalone or complemented by a professional staff.



Precyse needed a cloud based solution that would enable their external to backup their systems and share data across a variety of devices. They also needed a secure server to store data of their users securely on premises and needed this data to be available via credentials.

Since Precyse handles protected health information (PHI), they are governed by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) legislation. The HIPAA act sets the standards for security and privacy of such health information. Therefore, HIPAA compliance was a prerequisite for any cloud solution that they used.

Precyse tested OwnCloud, SkyDrive and ShareFile, but none of them fulfilled their requirements of on premises data storage, HIPAA compliance and a cost effective solution.

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Tonido FileCloud solved all the issues of Precyse. It was so easy to install and customize. FileCloud lets the users access their files via the browser, mobiles and tablets. It also provides Precyse with an on premises solution, enhancing the security of user data. This eliminates the need of any external servers.

Regarding the handling of PHI, FileCloud is fully HIPAA compliant and provides an audit control to record and examine the activity of users who have access to such information.

FileCloud also provides powerful admin features, as the admin can monitor the use of the service by the users. The admin can control who has access to what data, monitor mobile devices remotely and also request a remote wipe if necessary. Overall, FileCloud provided a cost effective solution.

Key Advantages:

  • Secure Access for employees and clients within the network for data integrity
  •  Best cloud solution – access through browser, desktop, mobile or tablet with sync abilities
  • On Premises solution – Keep confidential data in-house
  • Admin access to all activities of users
  • Remote wipe of mobile devices and revoke access to users
  • Data backup ensuring protection of confidential data
  • Version control so that all documents and stored data is accurate and current, but old versions can also be accessed
  • File Cloud customers save over 70% against competitor solutions


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